Thursday, March 4, 2010

ABC Bible Verses


I am linking up with Feed me Books Friday over at
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(The theme this week is puzzle books.  We have puzzles, and we have books…but we don’t have any puzzle books)
Just kidding… Janna let me know that there is no theme!  HA!

So here is my recommendation of the week!

My ABC Bible Verses

This is a GREAT book. 
It has been on my list of books to buy for a while, and I think I bought it at the perfect time for the ages of my children. 

It goes through a scripture verse for each letter of the alphabet,
then shares a great story that really applies
to the preschool age children.

The verses are so applicable for parenting and discipline issues with this age.  We are up to Letter “D” And I have found my children really catching on to the lessons, applying biblical principles and learning the scripture verses surprisingly quickly.

It has been great for me too in my own scripture memory, and great accountability in my parenting that I am calling them to live according to God’s word, not just mommy’s “rules”. 

You can Find My ABC Bible Verses  by Susan Hunt on Amazon 
And make sure to visit Adventure in Motherhood
to see some great book recommendations!

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  1. our hunter is in love with books. i love that he loves them. it's the only thing that keeps him still so we read lots and lots of them! i am definitely going to grab this one!

  2. There was no theme this week. I just chose puzzle books b/c B loves them.

    We have a similar ABC book that I will share one of these weeks but I like this one too! My kindergarten class memorized verses for every letter too!

    Ahh I should have mentioned the giveaway in post! I'll work on that!

  3. This sounds like a great way to introduce the Bible to little ones. We have a set of pictures that illustrate stories in the Bible that we use when we read/talk about the stories. I hadn't thought about memorizing the verses, but I think this is a great age to start!

  4. Sounds wonderful! I'll have to look for that.

  5. This book has me VERY intrigued! We are currently using a tape from my childhood - Critter County - to learn a Bible verse (in song form) for each letter of the alphabet. This book would be a GREAT addition to our home library! Thanks for sharing it!

  6. Thanks for the book suggestion. I will have to check this one out for sure.


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