Monday, March 1, 2010

30 years old vs 10 lbs


I turn 30 next Wednesday.

I probably cannot lose 10 pounds by next Wednesday…
               Well, not in healthy way at least.

So the hopes of having dropped all this baby weight (4 years and 3 babies worth) by age 30 is not even a possibility… I probably should have started trying a lot earlier if this really was my goal.

That actually would have been a great goal. 

My littlest llamas turns 1 on Saturday.
I guess I can’t exactly say “I just had a baby” now either.
It’s not the holidays, my ankle injury is healing…

Enough of the excuses….

So, Today I start my plan. 

I have my Shred and Cardio With Bob DVDs.  
  My husband would like to try P90X with me…and I said “not a chance” 
I am going make healthier choices in eating. 
I am inspired by my friend Tracey who just lost 12 lbs in 8 weeks…
She’s going on a cruise….not as her reward, it was her incentive.

Maybe I need an incentive…or a reward.  Or something that encourages me to say YES to working out, and NO to the Nutella and International Delight Coffee Creamer. 

Any suggestions? Advice? Helpful hints? 
Here goes nothing…well hopefully here goes that last 10 lbs.

**My enormous fear of failure does not want to hit publish.  What if you see me in 4 weeks or in 8 weeks and I am still the same old Mama Llama holding on to the last 10 lbs of baby weight?   What if you read a tweet about eating at McD’s? What will you think? 

I will tell myself the truth….
That I am not defined by my appearance. 
      And it will not consume me. 
             I am not trying to lose weight for a blog gimmick.  
                     I am doing this for me. 

And if it takes me 8 months instead of 8 weeks, I am okay with that. 
But hopefully…I will have good news to share with you in 8 weeks….
And then maybe my hubby will take me on a cruise….



  1. With all those babies . . . just be careful of high impact exercise like jump roping. I tried that recently at the suggestion of a friend (who has birthed one child). It felt like I was giving myself a hysterectomy. Like everything was gonna come out. Instead I just leaked pee during every interval. Did I just admit that publicly? Dang it. Don't be too hard on yourself. You have your hands very full right now. Exercise whenever you can. Exercise, exercise, exercise. And cut down on sugar if you are a sugar lover like me, but don't totally deprive yourself or you might just go ballistic. Okay, enough from me.

  2. You can do it. And as Joy says, it's great to say things outloud, even for your own good. Call me or email me if you need a 2 minute encouragement. I'm here.


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