Wednesday, March 10, 2010

30 things about me…


I turn 30 today.

I heard Paul Stanley say once that 
In your 20’s  you answer the Question “Who am I?”

I thought I would share 30 things about me today.
I certainly haven’t figured out exactly who I am yet,
but I sure do know a lot more about myself than I did 10 years ago…

So…here goes.


1—I love Diet coke.  Always have, always will.  Please do not substitute with Diet Pepsi. (and please do not email about aspartame)

2—Natural childbirth (yep, that’s no meds) ---Love it and love helping people accomplish it for themselves.  Something miraculous there.  (of course, every birth is miraculous!)  But when I think about possibly being done having children (not saying we are done) I get very sad that I might not birth another human being ever again.  Otherwise it might cause me to go get pregnant, and we’re not deciding that right now.  But having a Natural childbirth was one of the most amazing experiences of my life … and i got to do it 3 times.

3—I am handy.  I can change an electrical outlet, install a ceiling fan, fix an overflowing toilet.  I am mechanical…a problem solver… a critical thinker. If I have a problem I cannot rest until I figure it out.  I like to think of this as a gift.  My husband likes to view this as the curse of the wife who will never stops…

4—I am a night person…and a morning person. Having children did not change this.  I still stay up till about 11:00 every night (and probably would stay up later if not for my husband who forces me to go to sleep), and I am usually up around 6:30 (though I would sleep till 7:30 if some little llamas would let me) 

5— Church – I have established a deep conviction of the local church….of Jesus’ Bride.  This is not a club for me, it is not a part of my job.  It is a fellowship of believers, ordained by God.  I have deep convictions about my involvement and participation in the church, because I am a church member…and with that comes commitment.  I don’t just decide not to go because I would rather sleep in. I don’t just not go because it may interfere with nap time.  I don’t decide to skip church (or worse, jump ship) just because I’m not fond of the music or that weeks sermon topic.  Church is important to me.

6—I have found a favorite Mexican Dish – I am no longer a combination #3 person (2 enchiladas, rice and beans)  No, no… i have a favorite dish.  And not a lot of Mexican restaurants make it (ahem, because a lot of them are run by non-mexicans)  It is alambre--- steak, peppers, onions on a skillet mixed with a cheesy queso like sauce.  I am literally gaining back the 2 pounds I lost this week just thinking about it.
But alas, you can’t find it everywhere (though if you ask for it, some will make it!) I have found that Carne fundido or pollo fundido are very similar.

7—I still don’t like mushrooms or Saur kraut.  Sorry mom.  I just don’t like them.  I don’t think I have ever bought fresh mushrooms or Saur Kraut in the 7 1/2 years we have been married.  Nope..never!

8—Family - they certainly aren’t perfect, and they have their flaws. We may not always agree on politics and religion and how to load the dishwasher, but so much of who I am is a result of who THEY are.  I love my family.

9—I will always be a Lowcountry girl.  The marsh, and the pluff mud, and the thick salt air as you cross a bridge.  I will choose back roads through the waterways over the interstate any day!

10—I don’t think I will ever like the taste of beer.

11—I am not a crafty mom. I hate glitter, playdough, finger paint.  I am not a fan of cutting or gluing.  Or markers. I prefer to stick to good old crayons. or chalk.  stickers I can do.  It distresses me that I have a daughter that loves crafts…. I feel convicted and guilty over my lack of craftiness.  So before you send me hate mail…I have opened my mind to more opportunities for crafts lately.   But I hate it.

Does anyone else think this feels like The Runaway Bride…where she figures out who she really is??  LOVE that part of the movie!

12— I take my marriage vows seriously.  We are in this till death do us part.  Marriage isn’t always easy, and we are not overflowing with romantic love 24/7.  But I believe God has ordained marriage and it is a covenant we have made.  Love is not a feeling, it is a decision…a choice that we wake up daily and make.  And I choose to love this one amazing man for the rest of my life.  Isn’t he lucky? 

13—My in another life dreams include… being a nurse (I find blood, the body, organs, etc fascinating), a doula (labor coach), a photographer (would need a LOT of professional training), writing a book (no idea about what). 

14—I do not have a green thumb.  If you are green and require water and sunlight, you will not last long in my home or yard.  I am sorry.

15—I am funny.  Some people know this, but some people don’t.  I am funny.

16—I have never dyed my hair.  Yes siree… this chestnut mane of mine is al naturale. Minus a few of those pesky grays that sneak in there…which I pull out (I know, I know…pull a gray, 2 will stay…yeah,yeah,yeah)

17—I like to wear makeup…most of the time.  But just because I show up somewhere with makeup on doesn’t mean I have it together any more than someone else.  It just means I was busting it this morning.

18—Having children has shown me how lazy, impatient, and selfish I am.

19—I like to write.  Whether it be a blog, a newsletter, or a card.  I love expressing my feelings in words… and that moment when you can exhale and know you just wrote EXACTLY what you were feeling.

20—I love a good suspense movie.  (note—not war, or necessarily a murder mystery)  But Spies, thieves, a figure it out movie that makes you go “What is going on?”.  And I usually figure it out and try and talk to people about it in the middle of an intense scene which DRIVES.PEOPLE.CRAZY!

21—I love it when little girls wear bows.

22—I don’t buy into trends.  I love it on other people, but it takes me a good 6-12 months to buy into a trend.  By the time I am ready to commit to the trend, it is no longer trendy.  That is why I like to stick to classic trends.

23—My marriage is way more enjoyable and fun when I don’t treat my husband like public enemy number 1. 

24—I like to learn new things.  Sew, refinish furniture, you name it.  I am up for a challenge and a new project. 

25— I am a firm believer that you can make anything look beautiful. You can take nothing and turn it into something.  You can rescue trash and make it a treasure.  And you can decorate a home without a ton of money.

26—I could eat pizza every day of the week.

27—I am insecure.  I often worry about what people think about me… about my appearance, my possessions (or lack of), the behavior of my children, my decisions.

28—I am a mom.   It is not a job, it is not a career, it is not a just a part of who I am.  I do not like to hear people say “Being a Mom does not define who I am”  It’s as if they are scared that being a mom isn’t enough.  Of course there is a long list above that are parts of who I am… But I can hang a lot of those roles on a shelf.  No I am not just a mom. But God created me to be a mother…and it is very much a part of my identity.  

29—I believe in God’s Word.  I may not understand it all, and it might not have been how I worked everything out….but I believe it is His word.  I believe His word clearly explains the Gospel message of Salvation.  And I believe that God’s Word is  “God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16)  I also admit I am not very consistent in in my study of God’s word.   However, I believe your view of God’s word is window into your view of the world.  For me… I believe what God says in His Word.

30—I am a Child of God. This list shares much about me…silly and serious.  But nothing is more important than the fact that I am a Christian.  My faith affects my parenting, my marriage, my politics, my friendships, my purchases, my dreams, my attitude, my hope for the future.  And my prayer on my 30th birthday is that I live out my faith even more in all the areas of #1-29. 


So there you have it…
Who Am  I ??

I am Mama Llama…and today…

I am 30



  1. I love this post! I'm a diet coke person too! I've tried so many times to give it up but i just don't want too:) Where are you from? I live in Charleston so when I saw the lowcountry it made me wonder where you are from! There's nothing like the smell of pluff mud:) Lol!
    Have a great Wed!


  2. I like you.

    * know just what's gonna make people snarly, and email ya!

  3. you do not even look close to 30. just saying. don't ever dye your hair - it just ruins it to pieces. i, too, have a dream of being a nurse. i was in the nursing program until i dissected a cat that had kittens inside - ugh - i thought if i can't handle that then i wouldn't be a good nurse. but, man, do i wish i would've been tough enough... the bank acct would've appreciated it! i hope you have a fantastic day and that you get spoiled lots! i'm emailing you back in like 2 secs.

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!
    You sound like an amazing sister in Christ!!!! May God bless you this year and make His face shine upon you!
    I am going to have to try that Mexican dish:O)

  5. I knew you would write something fun today Carrie! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I might just have to copy you and do that same thing in a couple weeks!!!

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday!! Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing!! I'm not having any more children but I still get sad at the thought of not being pregnant again...not sad enough to get pregnant :) but still sad.

  7. What a great idea for a birthday post! You should write that book some are a great writer!

  8. LOVE IT! I too love diet coke and am not crafty. I know that we'd be BFF's if we lived closer together. Happy birthday!

  9. Yay Carrie! way to be Real! :):) You are a great mother! ad person! though I have no clue what your marriage is like, because after all these years... I have still yet to meet Dave. LOL! So funny! though I fee like I know him! I'm sure you are a great wife too.... but mostly, you are a great friend! Any other opinions to state otherwise are just stupid. :D- amy nelson

  10. Carrie, you are precious and I admire everything about you, your honesty, your effort, your natural childbirth, ( I am no where in the ballpark of being that brave) your distaste for crafts. ( I do not love them, but boy does Lady Belle, we cut and glue everything in the house, including food) I especially admire your commitment to your family! David IS a LUCKY man! Oh yeah and your creative writing ability and most of all the fact that you manage to get make-up on and look gorgeous every day, this my friend I do NOT manage! Cheers to you! Happy Birthday! XO, Angie

  11. ha ha! you ARE funny! that could have been my list, especially
    the not crafty or green thumby.

    when i see what the women in blog world create, my heart sinks
    and my mind tells one really wants to know what my
    mind tells me.

    happy birthday and give those little llamas a big hug.


  12. Happy Belated Birthday Carrie! Hope it was full of love and fun! And you were my biggest advocate when it came to natural child birth! I can't thank you enough for all the tips, resources, prayers, etc.! We have a wonderful birth story and a lot of credit goes to you!

    I never thought I'd like beer either, that is until I was introduced to Woodchuck Cider beer. And contrary to popular belief it does have just as much alcohol in it-but even if it didn't, it is still delicious!

    anywhoo...glad to celebrate you!

  13. Wow, I don't know what to comment on first.

    I'll go with natural childbirth- you are my hero. I really wanted to but after 30 hrs of labor, throwing up etc, I'd had it. I wish you could be my coach!

    Anway this was a fun list and the not a crafter thing had me laughing as well as everything else.

  14. Loved this! (and it totally felt like Runaway Bride!)...I never knew how much we have in common...seriously SO much...almost every one of those 30 things except the crafty part...I love to be crafty! I also love hearing about someone else who is a Diet Coke addict as well! :)

    Oh, and I would have to give a loud AMEN to #5!

  15. Happy late birthday and I think I know your parents, they are mine. Girl I can relate on so many levels (I am sure I'm like the 45th person to comment that!) Love the blog, love your thoughts and loving the fact that someone else likes their husband!

  16. Carrie, I was just poking around on facebook...and came across your blog. I enjoyed learning a little about you and you cracked me up! Like someone else said I appreciated your honesty. I have not talked to you in ages, and while I was around UNCG I don't remember taking many opportunities to chat, all that said, I hope you and your family are well. God bless you! :) Jill Hedrick Fine

  17. how could ANYone not know you were funny, Carrie???? carrie, they hardly knew ye.


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