Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Workers Comp

Can I get it??

Totally embarrassed to even admit this happened.
But I am all about informing you of the risks involved with mothering.

2:00 am
I wake in the night to help our Littlest Llama.
(I will neither confirm nor deny whether I may or may not still almost every night occasionally nurse her in the middle of the night at almost 11 months old)

Rocked said Baby. 
Stood up to put baby in crib.

Foot Asleep.  Step, trip…Step, trip… Step, Trip.
Buckle my knees, and just slowly fall/collapse to the floor.
      (All while holding baby… holding a screaming baby)

Call for David to help….
I really should look into one of those alarm necklaces you can wear.  

I am in pain far greater than childbirth, feel the need to be sick, and have visions of how in the world i will survive with my foot in a cast.

He takes baby.  And proves he is in fact capable of putting her back to sleep in the middle of the night.  And she proves she can in fact go to sleep without nursing.
           (I am totally cashing in on this from now on)

I proceed to stay up for the next hour icing ankle, taking an adequate dose of motrin, and Googling:
           “How to know if you broke your ankle” 

I perform a series of tests on my ankle that I am sure have NO medical backing whatsoever.

I diagnose myself with a sprain, not a break.  And go to sleep on the couch at 3:45 with ankle elevated.  Thanking God that this did not happen when David was out of town, that Helen went back to sleep, and that I did not have to go to medical school to know that I didn’t break my ankle.
      Though there are 26 bones in your foot…and I may have broken something without knowing…but not much you can do about it.

Being a mother is a risky, dangerous job
Only the physically competent should embark on such a profession. 

And I just want to know…
Does Worker’s Comp cover this?




  1. oh my gosh Carrie! Hope it is feeling better today! If you need relief, call me!!

  2. I feel your pain! I sprained my ankle over Thanksgiving and when I went down I immediately thought that it was broken. It was so painful!!!

  3. Oh no Carrie!!! I had the same problem when I fell down the stairs while Rob was out of town last summer! I'll be praying your ankle heals quickly... you are right - motherhood is dangerous!

  4. Hey friend :)

    So sorry about you ankle!! How's it feeing? How long before it's supposed to heal? I only have a minute because William has been in play alone time for way too long already, but I just wasnted to say a quick hi and let you know I was thinking abotu you. Girl, you were born to blog. :) Good thing this whole blog thing started in our lifetime. :) love you lots. William is asking to get "out!" gotta go! love,


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