Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What can YOU do in 10 minutes?

Unloading and reloading the dishwasher
Folding the Laundry
Vacuuming and Mopping

These are all things I procrastinate doing ALL the time. 
While some chores can often go unnoticed or neglected,
all of these are ones that scream at you to be done.

And they don’t really take that long to do.  

So I pulled out one of the tricks I learned a long time  ago from Fly Lady
(disclaimer—I learned a lot from Flylady, but this is not how clean my house)

Setting a Timer. 

Try it.  I dare you. 
This was my kitchen post breakfast… maybe even post lunch.
All I know is that it was disgusting…
and I kept walking by it in order to chase down some little llama.

And what my issue ALWAYS is…
is that the dishwasher was clean and needed to be emptied. 
And we all know it is like an act of congress to empty the dishwasher.

Enter the 10 minute timer.

I was dreading this job.
But alas…10 minutes later….
And my kitchen looked like this. 
Really?  That only took 10 minutes?

Next Task … Laundry…
I had 2-3 loads piled up of clean laundry.  It looked so daunting.
Why hadn’t I just done small loads, instead of let it pile up like this?
Complain, moan…. groan.

Fine… I’ll set my timer…
Just to see what I can get done in 10 minutes


Here goes…


Hmmm… with no interruptions I actually got a lot of laundry folded.
Wait….I got all 3 loads folded.  

With time to spare.
I kid you not… I folded all that laundry in 8 minutes 23 seconds.

(after thinking about this some more, and a friend pointing out how FAST that was… I think I may have set the timer twice. 
So TWO 10 minute intervals..with time to spare)

I am really shocked by how quickly I can get things done
when I set the timer and just do it. 
I have learned I can do the following in 10 minutes or less…

Empty and load the dishwasher
Fold a Load (or 3) of laundry
Sweep my Kitchen, DR and LR with my Vacuum
Mop Kitchen and Dining Room
Wipe down all mirrors/Glass doors (our fingerprint hot spots)
Clean up all our basement toys
Make up our beds
Wipe down both bathrooms (counters and toilets, not tubs)
Put away all the groceries

Put away the folded laundry
Empty a suitcase from a trip

I also have many other uses for my timer,
but I will save those for another post

So, What Can YOU do in 10 minutes??

Grab a timer, and get started…. just do something!
(You could start by entering to win a Kid’s Bible from Little Llamas!)

And this Works For Me!



  1. This is great and SO true! I tried Fly Lady for a while myself and WISHED I could have stuck to it. I don't think Fly Lady had kids. :)

    Rachel H from TSP

  2. Another flylady drop out! WOOT! Love the timer idea.

  3. Oh wow! I totally need to do this!

  4. Wow. You just killed all of my excuses for proscrastination. This will now creep into the back of my mind when I don't want to do something. Thanks. =)

    Seriously...great post.

  5. My timer keeps me on task and challenges me all at the same time! Love it! Great post, love the photos.

  6. This is a helpful way for us ADD-housekeepers to stay on task. I need to set that timer whenever I get on the computer too!

  7. I just had to leave a comment mama llama. :-)

  8. cleaned up after dinner, took out recycling, and fed the dog right in the nick of time!!

    thanks Carrie...that was fun! I enjoy task mode a little too much, HA!


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