Thursday, February 11, 2010

Think About it Thursday

Recently in Bible Study we talked about how God really cares about our problems, our hurts.  He REALLY cares.

This is SO hard for me to understand sometimes. 
My child is not sick with cancer
My husband has not lost his job.
I did not lose my home to an earthquake.

I have much to be thankful for.
And it is right and good for us to recognize those good gifts
and give all Glory and thanks to God.

Yet, Jesus says
”In this world you WILL have trouble”  (John 16:33)

He also says that He is a High Priest who can
“sympathize with our weaknesses”  (Hebrews 4:15)

But are my weakness and troubles really important God?

I wanted to share a song that I hear on the radio a lot lately. 
I feel like it says exactly what I feel sometimes.

My world does feel like it is shaking a lot.
My heart does feel breaking a lot.

And my hard days, and sleepless nights…
My disagreements with my husband…
My fears about moving…
My longing for more Joy and peace…
My Hurt…
It is important to God.

And your hurting heart is important to God too.

Thankful today that I never leave His hands. 

(if my friend Joy is reading my blog today…
I think this would be a great song to sing for an offertory…ahem)


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  1. Thanks for posting that. Those words and that song were just what I needed today. Love ya girl! We need to plan our next getaway trip very soon!


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