Friday, February 12, 2010

Support Another Blogger’s Adoption!

  Remember that giveaway I won last week?

It was from Flitterbugs
and I won a custom made piece of children’s clothing.

Well, Julie is at it again, and hosting ANOTHER giveaway on HER blog
Hop on over for a chance to win your very own Flitterbugs original!

She’s got dresses, skirts, appliquéd shirts, ruffle pants,
even a few things for the boys!
And some very hip and cool fabric that changes all the time.

And anything you purchase goes towards her adoption fund
to bring home their baby from Ethiopia!

Spread the word! 


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  1. Helen does know how to say Mama. She was calling Mama Mama Mama when we put her in the pack-n-play to sleep!!


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