Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The “Snowpocalypse”

It seems like the whole east coast north of us just got blanketed with snow AGAIN last night.  Thought you would like to see a few pics of our snow bunnies from our last big snow last weekend.
(we had a meager 8 inches…which shut this NC city down!)

IMG_1929 IMG_1932

This made for a yummy snack

IMG_1917 IMG_1920

This was about as close as Helen wanted to be to the snow.
Carson was way more interested in throwing snowballs.

IMG_1921 IMG_1924

Charlotte looking a little mischievous with that snowball.

Sending warm wishes (literally) too all our DC friends and Northeast family and friends.

Here’s to happy shoveling, and shoveling, and shoveling to you all.
Happy Snowpocalypse Everybody!

You have until Thursday at noon to for a chance to win
a great parenting book!



  1. Oh what a cute blog! Beautiful kids. Yes happy shoveling. Although here it's just been rain. Ok back for more reading here. =)

    A Mexican Mommy living in Europe

  2. Awesome pics! We unfortunately were one of those northeast cities that you talked about in your post! We got 42" in 6 days! I posted 6 posts about it!! But my son loved it!!!

    Can I ask a question??? I just love the artwork (header)on your site, is there somewhere special you got it created???

  3. Hi!

    I'm just stopping by on the blog hop (from Scotland, UK) and I'm now following your fantastic blog.

    Thanks for sharing these great photos of your adorable children.

    Happy Snowpocalypse to you too!



  4. I love her coat on the bottom! I wish they made adult coats that cute!

  5. Great pics and beautiful blog! Just stopping in for the Snow Pics Blog Hop. I'm one of those "East Coast" people that got covered in snow. LOL And more to come this week.



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