Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mama Llama has fun too


We recently went to a friends wedding.
I have just been so busy posting about giving away Bibles and birthday parties, twisting my ankle, and not being born with “it”….
That I haven’t gotten around to posting these pictures.
But, we sure can clean up, huh?

 IMG_1906 IMG_1907

We had a great time celebrating with Michael and Mary!
Don’t you love David’s bowtie??
He is SO ready for DC.

But don’t think we came upon this bow tie tying too easily.  
We tried about 3 different youtube tutorials…

We got to a certain point, and all we ended up with was a bunch of loopy silk.  Then we found this tutorial…And the light went off!
We are well on our way to bow-tying expertise.

Alas, today is not a formal event…
No bowties being worn today…No dancing, or pretty dresses.
Today is a normal Tuesday…

And sometimes I wish there were a tutorial for that.

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  1. we LOVE bowties at our house! I'm sure you've heard the story about matt and the bowtie... if not, let me know. it involved a panthers jersey... :) what does a normal tuesday look like with the llama herd???

  2. Love your blog & the background!

    Just started following you from MBC.

  3. How cool!! I love it. I don't think Hubby has ever worn a bow tie.


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