Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fabulously Free…

Kids Bibles...
If you have kids, you probably have a shelf full of them. 
That is, if you are the Bible reading type. 

Now our family...we are into the Bible...
It happens to be one of our most favorite books. 

But don't get me started on how many Bibles my husband has.... we work in college ministry, and we have every study Bible you ever heard of...we have small pocket Bibles, and big thick Greek/Hebrew Bibles, we have the Minister's Bible, we have the ESV, NAS, NIV, NKJV, and probably even an old King James somewhere.   I am just saying that if you know someone who desperately needs a Bible, you let me know and I bet we have a billion one or two sitting around they can have. 
(my husband would argue that each of these Bibles serves a purpose and none of them are up for grabs)

  But I said I wasn't getting into that.
---Back to the regular scheduled post--

Kid's Bibles… 
There are Kid Bibles that rhyme, that have lift the flaps, that have hand motions to go along with them.  (ummm, and yes...we have ALL of these Bibles, and a few more) These are all cute and great little Bibles that tell the well known stories of the Bible.  But there are 2 Bibles that we LOVE that tell more than the stories... they tell THE story.

First, we have ---
The Big Picture Storybook Bible is a great Bible that weaves the message of redemption throughout the whole book.  And you don't just get stories like Adam and Eve and Jonah and the Whale.  You hear about the plagues, Solomon’s temple, and the healing of Lazarus.  You won't find those in the sing song kids Bibles mentioned above (which I love... but these Bibles I really LOVE) The Big Picture Storybook Bible is probably one of our favorite children's Bible of ALL time.   

Our 2nd favorite is ---

The Jesus Story Book Bible is an amazing Children's Bible that weaves
the truth of Jesus in every story.  The writing will captivate even mom and dad and you will find yourself wanting to read on even after the chapter is over! 
These are 2 Children's Bibles that I think
every family should own

But here's the good news.... 
The Fabulous and Free News.

YOU can WIN one of these Bibles this week!
That's right...
I am giving away a copy of
The Jesus Storybook Bible!

So, I know you want a chance to win this Bible…
1-Leave a comment
Just Leave a comment letting me know your kids’ favorite Bible Story…  Don’t have kids?  Let me know who you will give this Bible to... your kids, your neighbor, or maybe you will just soak it in yourself. 

2- Tweet about this Giveaway!
”I just entered to win a free copy of The Jesus Storybook Bible from @Littlellamas” Come back and leave a comment that you did!

3- Subscribe to Little Llamas or Follow me on Twitter
Just let me know you did in the comments below!!

Winner will be chosen Friday by Random.org!


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This giveaway is open to US Residents aged 18 and older.
Be sure to make there is a way to contact you in your comment
Winners will be selected via random draw, and will notified by e-mail.
Winner has 48 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.



  1. We have a children's Bible but it doesn't weave the true meaning of Christ through it, it is a great illustrated story bible but I would love to have one that is more in touch with the real message!!

  2. When I got my son Baptized , He got so many Kids Bibles. So much fun reading them to him!! :)

  3. My boys' favorite is David and Goliath. Love the Storybook Bible!

  4. We have both of these and LOVE them! Hannah loves the story of Moses and Pharaoh... she even says "Let my people go, and Pharaoh said no" with special voices! Very amusing!.... Another favorite.... Babe-raham... I mean Abraham and Sarah! I'd give this one to my sweet friend from church who is pregnant!

  5. Ella loves reading her Bible devotions at night (although sometimes I think she is more into the bookmark) and it is really a sweet time for Mom and Dad as well. It's amazing to see the stories through a child's eyes and to be asked innocent questions. I would love to have either of this books and to make them a new mainstay in our home!

  6. Would like to add to our collection as well. We had church at home due to the weather on Sunday and watched a Noah's Ark DVD then read the true lesson in Bible and kids made a mural of animals, arks (each had to have their own) which are now taped on our double glass doors. Best thing was on Mon. and again this morning, my youngest asked if we could have home church again to learn about Jesus. Hope that's a sign I'm doing alright teaching my little and not so little ones.

  7. Stopping by from SITS! These looks great!

  8. 1. I love reading this to one of the little ones I babysit for and would love to have a copy for my own library of children's books (I am a college student so Free is good!)This book is amazing!

    2. tweeted!

    3. I follow on Twitter and on blogger

  9. I have been wanting this bible FOREVER!!! I have heard so many great things about it! Keeping my fingers crossed :)


  10. Now a llama follower :) I forgot to mention in the above post that Macyn's favorite bible story is Daniel in the Lion's den :)

  11. OK - I just subscribed by email - if I ever make time to figure out google reader, I'll do it there. :) We love the Jesus Storybook Bible, and my kids' favorite Bible story right now is Noah's Ark.

  12. I'd LOVE to win. I haven't seen the first Bible you posted. We adore the Jesus Storybook Bible, it's our favorite!!

  13. The Jesus Storybook Bible is the best children's bible ever. I am a grandma, and a retired preschool teacher aide. I have given away so many of these bibles that I have lost count. I have also given these to my Mom (86) and several of her friends. I tell them that if you read this you will understand the message of the bible. I love that "every story whispers His name". I don't need a free one, I have a small stash already in my closet ready to give away :)

  14. 1. My boys love the truth (not story!) of the resurrection of Christ. They love making sad faces when he dies and then shouting "He's Alive!" at the resurrection. :)

    2. I don't twitter, but I put it as my FB status!

    3. I already subscribe to your precious blog!

  15. My little girl is only 10 months old so at this point she just loves to hear me read anything or to chew on the books she has. I love the story of Noah! I felt at times during my pregnancy that God was asking crazy things of me but now looking back I am very thankful that God was with me through everything!

    I also don't twitter, but will put it on facebook (thanks Carrie)

    I am going to subscribe to the blog too!

  16. Jesus Storybook bible is our favorite too. Amazing illustrations and wonderfully written. I love it and give it to all my friends! Great give away!

    emily v.

  17. I just found your blog, it's great!
    I have become a follower and retweeted your post.

  18. My four kids love all Bible stories especially when they are told in a fun way. They love to learn more about God and Jesus and tell others about the stories they learn.

  19. Hi: Just thought I would drop on by for a visit and am so glad I did. Your blog is super. Thanks so much for sharing and I will be back soon. Cheers, Lia

  20. Right now my two year old loves Jonah and the Whale. He has a flip book of it and loves to tell me the story as he "reads" it.

  21. My husband and I are trying for our first baby, so this would be a great book to read when we have one. :)

  22. Maggie's STORYBOOK favorite stories are "Jesus and the Hungry People" and "Jesus and the Blood." That's what she asks for... repeatedly! Will have to get a copy of your #1 recommendation. Thanks Carrie!

  23. I just saw your post on TM website and came over to visit! Neat-O site you have here. I have 4 children, ages 3 and under! and we have been recreating the birth of Jesus & nativity at our house. Our twins are 14.5 months and the older two take turns playing Mary & Joesph...the twins get to be baby Jesus! SO right now the birth of Jesus is our children's favorite bible story.

    I'd LOVE to have this bible to help with sharing the love & knowledge of Jesus with them. Thanks for offering the giveaway! May the winner be richly blessed by your offering!

    I also now Follow you (Suzanne) with Goggle. You can reach me at TM under partyof6

  24. My son told me today that Jesus says don't fight. He is getting it.


  25. 1. my son doesnt understand too many stories yet, but we love to read about how Jesus uses all things for his glory and our good. particulary if those stories include pictures of animals, like noah's ark!

    2. i tweeted! i am @betathompson

    3. following you on twitter!

  26. My daughter LOVES to read the bible. And her little sister and brother are just starting to "listen" to books. Unfortunately, we don't have a chidlren's Bible and we try to "translate" the King James' version as we read it to her...but it goes over her head. This would be nice to have for all 3 of our kids.

  27. Daniel is my daughters absolute favorite.

    We posted aabout this giveaway at Winning Readings: http://winningreadings.blogspot.com/2010/02/jesus-storybook-bible.html

    janemaritz at yahoo dot com

  28. My son likes the story of Noah.

    ebeandebe at gmail dot com