Monday, February 1, 2010

Fabulously Free February!

Where did January go? 
Weren’t we just ringing in the New Year?
I feel like after Christmas, January sneaks in and before you know
it is February.

And boom… we celebrate Carson’s Birthday…. 
    (so, maybe I am in denial that he is turning 3) 

Then Valentine’s Day… Or Love Day as Charlotte likes to call it.
    (totally dreaming about the yummy place my hubby will take me to eat)

Then before we know it is it … March and this Mama Llama turns 30…
       (lets just not talk about that, right now)


Poor February….
The shortest month of the year.
The coldest month of the year (at least for us…sometimes)

So… in order make February as fun as I possibly could….
I bring you

Fabulously Free February

Here at Little Llamas we are going to host some great giveaways
Actually, 1 great giveaway every week this month
So check back and make sure you don’t miss all the
fabulous and free fun we have in store!



  1. Just a note of encouragement....turning 30 is FABULOUS and you will love your 30's!!!

  2. January went by very fast. I am ready to get to summer....

    Can we make these next few months zoom by too?

  3. 30 is the new 20 Mama Llama


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