Thursday, February 25, 2010

The English Know How to Inspire!

Keep Calm

The English sure do know how to inspire
I remember learning this slogan years ago, and getting a chuckle.

Now, I think this just about sums up the motivational speech
I give myself as I climb out of bed.

I have a friend who painted this sign and has it hanging in their house.
They just had a baby (4 months old)…
Give them another year (or maybe just a few more months)
and this sign will take on a WHOLE new meaning.

I think I will start chanting this to my little llamas as we are…

-Frantically trying to get out of the house

-Attempting to bathe and dress 3 little llamas

-Trying to carry on an adult conversation in the presence of
such madness

-Eating out at any restaurant

-Standing in line at the grocery with the “gimmies” and “wannas”

-When Brotherly love doesn’t exactly describe our herd
So in the midst of your crazy life…
Keep Calm and Carry on Friends!

“And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds
in Christ Jesus.”
                            Philippians 4:7



  1. That is an awesome mantra! One I think I'm going to add to my day now too!!

    Have a great day!

    ~ Jennifer

  2. What a great motto! I love it!

    And I go through the same things with my 3 boys as you describe.

  3. My favorite and the one STILL in my kitchen is,

    "God grant me the Patience to ENDURE my Blessings."

  4. I freaking love all things England.
    However, this is a much more useful phrase than, "Mind the gap".

    So, thanks for that. :)


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