Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My husband and I communicate quite well.

We have weekly “meetings” where we touch base on our calendar for the week, long term trip planning, etc. 

We have “finance” meetings every so often…
We try and have consistent date nights…so we can keep the love alive.

And even in the midst of our crazy herd of little llamas,
I try my best to keep the lines of communication open


Enter last week’s topic of conversation.

I didn’t want start a conflict or anything…
I just wanted to get my point across


     What is that hanging in our doorway you ask?
My husband asked the same thing.


Dave-- Wait… is that my favorite frat shirt??


Oh this old thing?


With the holes in the armpits??

  From 1998?? Over 12 years ago??

I didn’t start a conflict…
The shirt did.

And I am sad to tell you…That Dave the shirt won. 
It was promptly folded and placed in the t-shirt drawer.

But I am here to say…
I’m just doing my part friends…to keep the lines of communication open.


Do you think the shirt should have gone?  What is your hubby holding on to that you just wish you could TOSS?  Or have you tossed something without him knowing??



  1. LOL - That is too funny!

    (as I kick a pile of MY high school cross country tshirts under the bed)

  2. I think the first year we were married I made my hubby throw out all pre-1998 t-shirts. In 2005!

  3. Well, that sure is a creative way to get a point across! I won't let my hubby see this post or a few of my t-shirts may start writing notes to me!

  4. Oh we have had lots of shirts that I want to toss like that but he will not let me because they are favorites. So, I put them in a special place where he cannot find them and he cannot wear them - at least I do not have to see the holey shirts :)

  5. Eric cannot bear to part w/ his CCP t-shirt from Mexico. That was in '97! And there have definitely been ones I've purged w/o telling him...but they weren't the sentimental ones. Usually we transition to "work around the house" shirts before the final departure. I think it helps him to let go if he gets them all greasy and nasty first. :)

  6. Too funny! My hubby is the same way with a few shirts. I usually just deal with it though. I figure it's not worth the effort of arguing over!

  7. Shhhhh...don't tell hubs but when we moved a few months ago and I knew that a bunch of our stuff would be in storage for a few months, I tossed out a bunch of his old t-shirts as well as some super stinky shoes. He asks where they are and I say "Oh, they must be in storage." I'm hoping he forgets by the time that we get everything out.

    But, you can keep your shirt. LOL

  8. Krzysztof definitely has shirts like that, and he wants to keep them for working out, mowing the lawn, etc. The thing that drives me crazy is the boxers...he has several with holes in them, and I've suggested tossing them multiple times, but he claims those are the most comfortable ones.

  9. Told Jon that I was taking pitcures of all of his and if after a month, he felt that the pictures were not enough to remember the "good times" with....that we'd keep the shirt one more month. If he wore them the next month, took them out of the box or otherwise acknowledged their existance, that we'd keep it one more year. After the third option, if still, the shirts were not being utilized properly..they had to go. If at anytime in the three step method, he felt that he did not think they were necessary to keep the memories with,...well we could get rid of them. It took two years to get rid of it, but finally he admitted that he's never looked at them in 10 years... I showed him the pics and said, "well, now you have the option to remember them anytime you want" and took them to Goodwill. -AmyN.

  10. you can also offer to have a t-shirt quilt made out of the logos on the... at least t quit is usable. AmyN

  11. I do think it should have gone. Nice attempt trying to tackle that one!

  12. Ladies,
    This is more than just a shirt. It is an experience. I put on that old frat shirt and experience my youth again (not to mention it is just so comfortable). Give a guy a break and let him keep his old, holey shirt! Throw out the old boxers but keep those select, sentimental shirts!

    Daddy Llama

  13. Does he actually wear it?

    Maybe the writing part could be made into a pillow or sewn to a gym bag?

    Guys are sentimental too.

    You get an A for effort!

  14. Yes he wears it. to sleep in. Yes I have ALREADY made a t-shirt quilt out of a group of both of our shirts from college... Yes, I throw his holey boxers away (gross!)

    and yes... I "might" have just misplaced a couple pairs of shoes/pants/etc multiple times. But I am not confessing to those. :)

  15. My husband stows soccer jerseys. He won't wear the old ones, but saves them as keepsakes. Sigh.

  16. you were right to let him keep the shirt. clearly it holds some sort of sentimental value to him and i imagine that if the tables were turned, you wouldn't want him throwing out some of your "junk." as long as it's not in full display on the wall in your master bedroom i don't see anything wrong with it occupying a tiny corner of your dresser :)

  17. Oh that's funny. You're nicer than I am. I woulda just tossed it.


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