Monday, February 8, 2010

The Big Game

And I am not talking about The Superbowl!
We had an even bigger game here at the our own little Stadium. 

We had over 15 children and almost 20 parents! 
I do love you parents…
but I am looking forward to the years of Drop off parties!


The boys came in their best Football gear

IMG_5645 IMG_5608

And we had some Cheerleaders in attendance too!


Thankful for all the sweet presents.


The stadium snacks were a hit… no fancy food here.
Just popcorn and chips and nacho sauce. HA!

IMG_5618 IMG_5617

The yummy cakes!


The “fans” waiting patiently on the sidelines!


We brought in some of the Football players from Elon. 
Too bad their Equipment coach said NO to them borrowing their Gear!
(David leads the football chapel at home games)

They led the kids in calisthenics…
hopefully everyone slept great that night!

IMG_5622 IMG_5624

Had a little football toss from the Elon Football Players.

IMG_5630 IMG_5603

Our littlest cheerleader friend, Eden.
And Charlotte with her best friend/neighbor Rory.


We brought it in for a little cake huddle…


And Carson all of sudden turned shy at the singing of Happy Birthday!


But not so shy when it came to opening presents! 
Do you all do this at the party of after everyone leaves…


We ended the party with pictures with the Football players! 
It was so funny seeing those little 35lb light weights
next to the 200+lb football players! The kids all grinned SO big!
I promise I will e-mail you your photo if you were there!

It was a fabulous party…and we had a great time.  Next time I think we will leave the parents upstairs to mingle… or go for a drop off party. 
It is just SO many people!

When it is warmer it is easier to do parties outside,
but February is a tough month for that! 

Overall, we had a great time at The Big Game! |
Wish you all could have been there….
Or not, because our house could not have fit another human being!

Happy Birthday to our Little Quarterback Carson!


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  1. Oh wow!!! What a GREAT party!! I love the little cupcakes and football cake! Great job!

    ~ Jennifer


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