Friday, February 12, 2010

At Least My Reward in Heaven Will Be Great…

Oh, the Rewards of Motherhood…
They are Great.

Like having a baby that NEVER says mama.
But thank God Almighty she knows where her bow goes.

We have recently taught her how
-to say “quack”  (or cack)
-know where her bow is
-where her tongue and nose are
-give high five
-She says “uh-oh”
-I think she can say Cha cha and Ca-Ca (charlotte and Carson)
-Says DaDa like it’s her J-O-B

But no Mama. 
Motherhood is so rewarding.  HA!
(though I must say I am very proud of her ability quack)

“Rejoice and be glad,
Because great is your reward in heaven”
                           Matthew 5:12



  1. that's funny, Luke has that same J-O-B, HA! He can even say "dog" and "ball" but still no "mama"...sigh

    thanks for sharing that sweet video!

  2. Reuben was the same way! He would actually play a game w/ me...whenever I asked him to say "mama" he would just smile really big and say "dada." Sometimes he would start to say mama but then catch himself! He finally started saying it around 14 months, I think. And he's still as much of a ham.

  3. I feel your pain! My little one is stringing words together (I see you) and can say ready, ok, go, among others -- but NO MAMA!!


    ~ Jennifer

  4. When my daughter finally started saying "mama" it was usually in a demanding manner b/c she wanted something:)

    I'm getting my fill of sweet "mamas" now. Sweet anticipation!


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