Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Add a little dash of …


Can you see it now??
I added a little more back into the picture.


I must say…. I loved your guesses.
Immersion blender, icecream maker, Espresso maker,
toilet bowl cleaner? 


Okay… Okay…
It’s a Salt Pig.


You heard me…
A Salt Pig.

I remember the first time I saw them I scoffed, I laughed…
I swore I would never own one of those things.
I thought probably exactly what you just thought…
”why on earth would you want a big jar of salt on your counter?”

There are many versions of the Salt PigSalt Pig, Slate

For those of you with the big bucks, there’s the swanky Emile Henry.


RSVP International Pig-Pnk Pink Salt Pig with Spoon 6-oz.

And this one even has cute little pig ears.


Mine was $4 on sale. And it was red… and I am a sucker for buying anything red for my kitchen.

But why Mama Llama, do I need a Salt Pig?

Well, you don’t. 
But when you are cooking and it calls for a dash of salt or a tsp of salt…it just isn’t as fun reaching above your oven for the jar of this.

Plain & Iodized Salt

When you could have this


Sitting on the counter asking for you to dash away.
Making you feel like Bakerella, or Pioneer Woman.
Just twirl around the kitchen a grab a dash of salt…
Makes you want to put on one of those trendy flirty aprons

Or at least for me…
It just makes me feel a little more gourmet
than the chicken nuggets I just heated up in the oven. 
I honestly have giggled over the joy my little salt pig has given me.
Pure, good, domestic, culinary joy. 

And far be it from me, to keep my joy from you.
I must share my love of the Salt Pig.

May your lives and your dinner be well sprinkled with love…
And plenty of Salt.



  1. Well thanks for teaching me something new today! :)

  2. I've never heard of such a thing...but now you got me hooked! I'll be on the lookout :)

  3. girl, put a little kosher salt in there and you will feel like you have your own food network show! (ahem, well, maybe that's just how it makes me feel? :) )

  4. Emily- I should go kosher, but I just haven't taken the plunge.

    You guys can find these at specialty kitchen store, TJ Maxx had them recently, Williams Sonoma, Sur La Table, etc.

  5. I have a salt pig!!! Mine is yellow and I love it!!!! :)

  6. Oh my gosh I've never even heard of these. But after having to use a knife to peel back the salt lid tonight, I think I have to have one!

  7. very good! I never would have guessed that!

    Took at stab at answering your question in Mom's Blogger Club...

    Hope that helps!

  8. I have never heard of it. Real cute. I would totally spill it! lol

  9. I totally want one!!! What a fun kitchen accessory!
    I really wanted this super cute bright yellow bread box from target yesterday, but sadly had to put it back... I didn't want to have to explain why I spent $15 dollars we don't have... now if I'd seen a salt pig, I don't think I could have resisted!! Thanks for sharing!! LOVE your blog by the way :)

  10. too cute, i have never seen them before.

  11. I, too, have a salt pig with kosher salt! Just like the cooks on the Food Network! Of course, that's where the similarity ends...*sigh*.


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