Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wake up call

6:00 am

I am trying to wake up at 6:00am. Before my family wakes.
I am hoping to spend time with God, prep the house/kitchen, and just be a little more prepared to start the day. 

I was challenged to wake earlier when I read the book
Shopping For Time by Carolyn Mahaney and her daughters.
They challenge readers to consider waking early (like at 5:00am) in order to truly prepare your hearts, homes, and life for the day.

But honestly, I kind of brushed it off.
I love my late nights, I have 3 small children who wake at all times of the night, and insist on waking at the crack of dawn.
If they wake at the crack of dawn, how am i supposed to wake before the crack of dawn??

They explain more about the 5:00 club in this blogpost from a few years back.  And the book (and I think the blog too) encourages mothers with young children to not be too hard on themselves.  
Thank you…

But here we are….attempting to wake at 6:00.
I am discouraged, don’t know what to do, and a tad ticked off.

My children had been sleeping till 6:45-7:15. 
So, when I made the decision to wake at 6:00 I felt like it was enough for me to have a short quiet time, get the kitchen prepped for the day, start a load of laundry if I needed to. 

Nope… 6 days in, and we have had 1 day of success.  1 day. 
Did I mention that I am discouraged,
don’t know what to do, and a tad ticked off?

This does not take into account the numerous times i wake in the night to tend to lost blankees, teething babies, pottying toddlers, bad dreams, thirsty throats, night nursings, and Lord knows what else.

Day 1- Alarm goes off at 6:00
I hit snooze 2 time and get up at 6:10
Baby wakes at 6:14 and is not interested in going back to sleep

Day 2 – Alarm goes off at 6:00
Again I hit snooze 1 time and get up at 6:05
I am up 10 minutes and hear Carson screaming at 6:15.
I think he needs to sleep some more, so I cuddle with him, and he sleeps till 6:40.

Day 3-  Convinced that God was punishing me for hitting snooze (just kidding-kind of), I resolve that I WILL wake at 6:00
Baby cries at 5:55 before Alarm ever goes off.
I nurse her, and after she does not seem interested in sleep.
Funny, God… Really Funny.  I am trying here.

Day 4—Alarm goes off at 6:00
Didn’t hit snooze… and no babies woke.
Success!  Thank you God. 
Had a sweet time drinking coffee, praying, reading
and going over this list of questions.
Babies started waking at 6:40 and I was totally fine with that. 

Day 5 –Baby wakes at 5:40
I nurse, get her back to sleep at 5:55, and start to walk to the kitchen.
When I hear Carson Scream.
Thus waking the baby I just put back to sleep.
I ever I wanted to curse, it would be in moments like those.
I mean really… are you kidding me? 

Day 6 – Numerous night wakings by numerous people
Total failure to get anyone to go back to sleep.
At 5:40, all 3 children are screaming.
I leave Helen to scream in her crib  (I had just nursed her and was convinced she would go back to sleep…I was wrong)
I comfort the one who had a bad dream, and firmly tell the other one to get in his bed and go back to sleep.
Then try and go get Helen back to sleep… I am trying to get her to take a later morning nap today, and waking at 5:45 doesn’t help that.
Fail… I get Helen up at 6:00
Maybe I can just do quiet time with her while she eats puffs
Carson starts screaming at 6:05 
And I just can’t work with him on sleeping when Helen is up.
He is up and any idea of quiet is gone like the wind.

Have I mentioned that I am discouraged, don’t know what to do,
and honestly a bit ticked off?

Ticked off at my children
Ticked off at myself for not knowing how to train children to sleep
Ticked off at God for not working with me here.

So…what’s a mom to do? 

Please don’t tell me to teach them to see a 7 on the clock….unless you are willing to come to my house and teach them yourself…

And please don’t suggest right now that I wake at 5:00.
While I agree that would accomplish some of the issue…I am just not there right now.  I am trying to be faithful with just waking at 6:00.  
And my husband and I like to stay up till about 11:00, as he often works later with college ministry events.

So, any suggestions, thoughts, words of wisdom for this discouraged, helpless, and slightly ticked off mommy?



  1. My new years wake up early to have things in order and breakfast cooked before my family wakes. It's Jan 9, and I haven't had one successful early morning yet! But hey...I have to rest of the year to perfect it right?

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  3. Carrie, I can totally understand why you are frustrated, discouraged and ticked off. I myself pray that the kids will sleep later so that I can be a better mommy and they can be better rested but often to no avail. I am sorry that you are experiencing this too. I really hope that you keep trying and I will pray that God honors your efforts in getting up to spend time with Him. I do not have words of wisdom about sleep training since Lily is not at Charlotte's or Carson's age. Davis wakes too early some days as well, he is a quiet crier and Lily's sound machines seem to drown out his crying so I left him fuss and often he will go back to sleep for a little while. My only suggestions are: black out shades and sound machines.I am sorry for all the frustration you are going through. Hope your llamas cooperate better soon.

  4. It seems that God is answering you in a way. Maybe you are supposed to be having time with your children from 5:55 to 7-ish. God appreciates any time you take to be with Him. Could you try an evening meditation? When David is away and after the kids are asleep? Prep the house the night before and when the kids get up have them help. Can they reach the cereal and the puffs? bread for toast? Can sippy cups be ready in the fridge so they can reach in themselves and return to your bed for an extra cuddle? I found that much as I would like to order the world around me to suit me, I am much more succesful if I order myself to fit the world that God has seen fit to graciously give me. Not judgin' - just sayin' Love you, Sweetie. You're doing a great job with those little ones so lighten up on yourself!

  5. Love the llamas!
    I am a new follower. I found you from Mom Bloggers Club!

  6. Hannah is a late riser but Drew is not. He normally is up around 6:15. I too had thought some puffs in the chair would accomplish my morning time with God. It has not worked. Drew gets very excited when he is up and our house is very small. Jeff and I have worked out a system where 1/2 the week Jeff takes Drew out of the house (which stinks on cold mornings) for 40 - 60 minutes and the other half I do. It doesn't matter where you go or what you do. Some mornings we drive and I pray (more morning God time), other mornings we go on a morning stroll (I still focus on prayer). It depends on the weather and my mood. (I'm not really sure what Jeff does .... all I know is the house is peaceful!) But this accomplishes two things: the parent at home gets some much needed time in the word and Hannah gets to sleep in until at least 7.... if Drew is out of the house she will sleep until at least 8 so this early morning rising and squealing of his really kills her. Not sure what David's mornings are like but this is super helpful!

  7. I think the effort you are putting into this is great! That should be counted for something, right? I like the comment above that maybe God is telling you that it is OK to have time with the kids early in the morning, too. Maybe your peaceful time can stay at night! :)

  8. Girl, this is the story of my life right now...just know that you and I are doing the exact...same...thing in the morning (only you have ANOTHER baby!!)

    It was nice to read this and know I'm not alone in the super struggle. Thanks for posting. :)

  9. As for Day really don't curse in those moments??? Already, you're a better person than me!

    As for thoughts/advice, I was thinking along the same lines as Gemma. Since you like nights, can you try spending some time w/ the Lord and prepping the house for the next day after bedtime? (I know this is contrary to the book/blog...but do you think the Lord really cares that much...or at all? The "Proverbs 31 Superwoman" was burning both ends of the stick. Do what works for you!)

    If that won't work, I'm liking what Hannah's Mom has to say. Can you include Dave on this endeavor...seeking his help w/ the kids for 30 minutes or more (either before they wake up or after the day gets going w/ breakfast and all) so that you'll have some time to spend alone w/ the Lord? You still might have to do all the get-the-house-ready-for-the-day stuff the night before, but at least this would give you some uninterrupted time in the morning. (Ideally speaking, of I realize he can't exactly nurse the babe.)

  10. hey girl, so sorry this is so hard! and while i have children that are genetically engineered to sleep, i can totally relate to not wanting to get up any earlier and really wanting to have some things in order before the day starts. and it's all i can do to not hit snooze 5 more times and just be dressed before my girls get up. i have a friend who has a great habit with her kids (5 kids, but 3 in this routine). after everyone is dressed and has had breakfast, they have a quiet time together. the babies go down for a nap during this time, and the 3 older ones (6, 5, & 3) each get some books and they all sit at the table together. (they'ave been doing this since the older two were 2 & 3). mom has time with the Lord and the kids look at books. they don't have to do anything but sit without talking and look at books. now, granted, this "quiet time" isn't always quiet, definitely not alone, and not the first thing done in the morning. but it's 15-30 minutes better than nothing. i started trying this with karis and it definitely took a lot of training...ignoring her, whispering to her "we can't talk right now.", and disciplining if needed. i started with 10 minutes and worked up. i set a timer so she knows we don't get up and we don't talk until the timer goes off. my friend then has a devotional and prayer time with her kids. i haven't gotten there yet and sometimes it's only 15 minutes when i really want longer. but it helps.
    thanks for sharing so much!


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