Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Trendiest Baby on (or in) the Block

That whole “Baby in the Laundry Basket” photo op
is SO over-rated….

IMG_5556 IMG_5540
She did stay quite entertained in the basket for some time
And that’s a lot to say for my little cling-on
who does not want me to ever put her down.

IMG_5554 IMG_5543
And then Carson added in the blocks
and took this little Laundry Basket play to a whole new level
It was like her own little Ball Block Pit.

IMG_5553 IMG_5542

Block play in the laundry basket…
It’s all the rage among babies, haven’t you heard??

Dear Little Hen, Mama Llama is sorry I took all these pictures
without combing your pretty (post nap) hair…at least you have a bow.


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