Wednesday, January 13, 2010


One mom's trash, is this mom's treasure. 

I thought I would share with you a few of my junkin' finds lately.  It has been a while since I've been junkin' (hard to do with three kids ya know), but I have truly scored the past few months.

First off, I was at Goodwill in October after dropping off 5 bags of clothing to donate.  I brought all 3 kids in with me to do a quick walk through. I glanced over the furniture, walked through the home goods looking for treasures, and then did a quick browse of the kids clothing. 

And there it was...
The top was a little beat up so I walked by it. 
Trust me when I tell you it did NOT look like this when I saw it
under the harsh fluorescent lights of Goodwill.

Then, on the second lap through the furniture, it caught my eye... it really was a beauty. 
It just needed a little TLC.  $20 later and it was mine.   It now houses our stationary, stamps, and cards… 
We all really should work on our written correspondence, don’t ya think?

  A little Old English Scratch Cover and it was looking pretty good.

Old English Scratch cover is amazing!  If you have any wood items and children residing in the same house…you MUST get this. 
(I am not getting paid to say this…I just LOVE this product!)

Next came my 2nd find... just a few weeks later. 

I have been looking for a small personal secretary desk for…umm about 3 years now.  While browsing the Habitat Restore recently, I stumbled across this.  It is stunning.  It will be more stunning once I find a place to donate that 7 year old computer that hasn’t been turned on in 9 months….sigh. 

Again…. a little scratched up.  A lot of candle wax on the top
Nothing me and my bottle of Old English can’t handle...

20 minutes later and we were in business.

The other day I went out to The Habitat Re-Store to get a Chandelier to replace the current one we have (we are selling our house, and we have a crystal chandelier that we have deemed a “family heirloom” )

$12 dollars later and a little polish and this beauty

Is now gracing our Dining Room

So, if your house needs a little pick me up…head out to your local Goodwill, thrift store…
even the side of the road on trash day.
Think out side the box 

Some finds I have found over the years…
A wingback chair that was on the side of the road… needed recovering 3 years ago…
still needs to be recovered.

A faux brass headboard (on the side of the road)  it was really tarnished and wouldn’t polish up
and spray painted it white

A $2000+ TV armoire for under $500 at the Habitat Restore

A dining room table from a family in the church

A beautiful hunting picture for $40 from an antique consignment

A great gold mirror for $20 at the same antique consignment

A lot of furniture from the woman who used to mentor me…
if you are an older woman, consider handing down your 20 year old “whatever” to a new bride

Found a NICE 4 poster Rice Bed for $100 at Salvation Army--
Unfortunately I tipped off a friend who had just gotten married… I now wish I had snagged it for our guest room.

Twin sleigh bed from Craigslist when I was single for $50. 

A coffee Table from an closeout Ashley Furniture store
($50 for $300 table!)

A Little Tikes slide on the side of the road…
nothing clorox wipes can’t take care of!

And the knick knacks??  Oh almost every little trinket was a goodwill, thrift store, tag sale find. 

Oh, and my neighbor… she got a table that seats 8.. probably an older (but not antique) table for $50 on Craigslist.  Painted the table RED…. and paired it with contemporary white plastic chairs from Ikea.  LOVE IT!

local finds…
because you know i love you local peeps way more than anyone else

Habitat Re-store
(I hit three different locations)
Salvation Army
Carolina thrift
Lewis' Antiques
(on Lewis Street off of Elm)
Junk Store on Elm
(it’s the big Junky store right before Ryne’s Corner Cupboard)
Red Collection Consignment
Thrill of the hunt
Architectural Salvage
(only open certain days..but if you have a 1960’s or earlier house,
you will want to check this place out)

Tips for Going Junkin’
--Bring a tape measure and a notebook with measurements for spaces you are trying to fill

--Think Spray paint---anything (well almost anything) can be changed with spray paint.  Spray paint is your friend.

--Bring wipes… you might think it looks dusty or junky, but wipe it down and you might just get a glimmer of hope.

--I am not a huge yard sale person. Our area just doesn't seem to be that great…or maybe it is my 3 assistants that make it challenging to get out.  BUT… I love a good tag sale. And our area has great tag sales. 

Most of all…
Remember to “Store up your treasures in heaven”

Don’t worry about the flat screen TVs and the newest nicest couch,
or if all your dining room chairs match….
you can make a house into a very nice home with a hodge podge of all sorts of things. 

Take this from the queen of hodge podge!
 So…Happy Junkin’ !

I'm linking up with We are THAT Family and Works for Me Wednesday!
Because Junkin' Works for Me!

ps—this post got long…I actually started it back in November, then the holidays hit and there were alot more important things ot post about… but now that Spring is upon us… Junkin’ season is about to be in full swing!



  1. I LOVE this post!!! What GREAT finds!

    We have an ARC store here. Very similiar to Goodwill, etc. They have 50% off Saturdays and I try to go at least once a month to see what they have. My little guilty pleasure!

    ~ Jennifer

  2. Those are awesome finds! I love that desk!!! I need to do some junkin, I want a hutch so bad... I am inspired!

    BTW, I got a chuckle.. we have that same pumpkin thing, LOL! (first picture, pumpkin 'bag')

    Happy Wednesday!


  3. Wow I love the hutch!

    I need to go "junkin" more often.


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