Thursday, January 7, 2010

Something’s missing…

So… we are putting our house on the market soon. 
Like tomorrow.

We have been running around like crazy trying to get the house ready.
The other day I was straightening up our bathroom and my hubby says

“umm…you might want to put something in those frames”


Oh, you mean these frames? 
The frames I bought 3 years ago
After we had just moved into this house?

The perfect turquoise and brown frames to match our nice
1960’s turquoise tile shower?

Yes… those frames have been sitting empty for 3 years.
I am SO embarrassed to admit that.

You see, here is my challenge. 
The picture size needs to be 3x3, and when it comes to looking at my digital pics, I have a really hard time figuring out how to get a pic 3x3 
(I zoom in a LOT in my pictures). 
So this is one of those things that instead of figuring out how to do it,
I decided not to do it. 
Great example for my children, huh?

Speaking of my children…
One would think that I could easily find
3 pictures of 3 little llamas to fill 3 little frames.
But that would be too easy, huh?

I have also thought about just printing




in brown ink on a nice paper
and calling that project finished.

I have been amazed at some of the things that we have become blind to…
Like crown molding that desperately needed to be caulked,
a cabinet that never really closes properly,
a light fixture I never replaced…
and of course the empty picture frame I never filled with pictures.

What things in your house are you blind to? 
I challenge you to walk through your house with fresh eyes
OR (even better)
ask an honest friend to walk through and let them say
“what the heck is that?”

Come back and comment and please let me know I am not the only one who was blind to some of our house’s minor major imperfections.

Good night… I have a busy day tomorrow finding
3 perfect things to fill 3 tiny little spaces.



  1. I vote for the words Faith, Love, Hope. Put some pictures in at your leisure (3-5 years) once you're in your new house! Good luck with your move.

  2. hello dropping by from MBC - now following you

  3. Perhaps you should put some paper with a dried flower in each. I try to overlook my clutter, but have resolve to be rid of it :)

    Now following from MBC

  4. i DEFINITELY have "sore spots" in my house. you know, we thought we were moving a little over a year ago and started some projects, then the Lord has kept us in Charlotte, and we haven't completely finished. the painting in our house is pretty bad right now. lots of trim that needs to be re-done. there are a couple holes in the wall in the master bath from an old towel bar we took down. the blinds in our guest room still won't stay up. the pantry door just won't stay closed all the way...
    ok, i'm going to stop here :) i'm getting overwhelmed with all the projects! good luck getting the house sold! i'm sure your house is beautiful!


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