Friday, January 22, 2010

Mama Llama Goes Bargain Shopping

Where is a Mama Llama who still hasn’t lost all that baby weight supposed to shop?

My Favorite go to stores for great deals are

People are shocked when I tell them something is from Walmart.  You have to look around… but you can really find some great deals in the shirts, skirts and dresses there.    I have never had true success in the pants…

I totally believe in buying nice quality clothing… but not until I know I am going to be able to wear that item of clothing for a while.   (I baby is almost a year, so I can’t use that excuse much longer…but hey, I am still nursing)

Also, I am not willing to spend the big bucks on a “trend”.  Anyone who knows me, knows I usually come around to a trend very late… after I see a handful of cool people I know wearing that trend…

Like Capris (I know… 10 years ago), crocs, leggings an tunics, long boy shorts….all these things I have said “I will never wear that”  only to eat my words a year later.  HA!
Like for instance… I am not a fan of the whole flannel plaid look going on.

Nor do I like this weird zipper look on the back of dresses
(looks like a defect) 

SoCa Pleated Shift Dress
But next year I am sure I will like it (not sure I will ever like that zipper).   So if I want to test out the new look, I would rather pay $10 at Walmart then $40 at Ann Taylor Loft.
So when I ate my words this fall and finally bought a pair of skinny jeans
(Despite the fact that I am indeed not yet skinny, and the fact that I swore I would NEVER buy skinny jeans)
I didn’t feel bad that I would only wear them with my riding boots and rain boots and my fake Uggs…because they were only $13 at Target.

So new moms (and even moms with almost 1 year olds…ahem)--
You can keep up with the latest trend without breaking the bank.

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  1. Hi there.. I love your blog, can't wait to come back and read more.. Ummm well I Still havent lost my baby weight yet and my baby is two years .. I refuse to buy anything until I lose weight and besides buying for the kids is much more exciting! Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend!

  2. Oh Carrie, there's just so much to say to you on this post:
    1--you still remain on my top five list of women who have a KNACK at looking awesome without blowing their savings.
    2--I am still protesting the plaid thing...I can't do it.
    3--I'm glad that you, too, believe that nursing keeps a few pounds on you. I really hope it does, cause I need an excuse for it to go away. ;)

  3. Yep, all those stores have great deals. I love shopping at Old Navy -- especially their clearance racks.

    I love their jeans because 1) they stretch, and 2) they are that awesome soft denim...not the scratchy rough denim.

    Comfy clothes at great prices.

    ~ Jennifer

  4. That exposed zipper is very in. I tried on the most adorable dress at LOFT that had one. I loved it, but I couldn't afford to spend $30 on a article of clothing I don't need with no job! :)

  5. So cute! I shop at all of those store first! They are all I can afford most of the time:) But you look just as cute in those Target Ugg Boots!


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