Monday, January 11, 2010

Angels Among Us..

Are you thinking of the 1994 Allan Jackson song?
(I admit I did love that song)

So, Do you think there really are Angels among us?

Saturday wasn’t the easiest day with my children. 
I did get a few hours away to go to a friend’s bridal shower, but I felt like until the minute I left and the minute I got back, it was just crazy.

We were about to run out of milk and coffee creamer
(a true nutritional emergency),
so in all my brilliance I decided to take all three kiddos to “The Teeter”. 
Do you see where this is headed?

Usually our trips to the grocery (even with 3 kids)
are actually a fun outing….for both me and them.
   Have you read about my love affair with Harris Teeter?


Well, Saturday was a little different.  They did not have my super deluxe 2 seater cart.  So we braved the masses (there were a crazy amount of people grocery shopping on a Saturday afternoon)

We had  more than a few moments of disobedience, whining, firm correction, and perhaps a few toddler lives were threatened. 

But as I was in line checking out…
She walked up to me.

I had seen her a few times in the store throwing a glance my way.
Of course I was convinced she was judging my poor parenting
Judging my poorly behaved children.
I prayed she would not be the 10th person to tell me
“my, you’ve got your hands full”

But she walked up to me….walked around people in line to get to me.
Placed her arm on my shoulder and said

”You are a good mom…
I just wanted to tell you that”

And I fought tearing up,
because there is nothing worse then crying at the grocery store.
But I needed to hear that…
even if it was from a stranger…
or perhaps from an angel.

So, yes…. In moments like those…
I do believe there are Angels Among us.
Do you?



  1. Yes I love those moments. You can't hear it enough. You ARE a great mom! One day (oh how I long for this day) your children will rise up and call you blessed! (Pr 31:28) These training days are hard em, hug em, discipline, remind em, remind em, discipline, repeat...repeat...repeat. love ya. He is your source and He is the God who sees! You are not alone. Steph

  2. You have a beautiful blog. Nice to meet you - I'm a new follower from the MBC :) also I grabbed your button

  3. What a blessing! That hasn't happened to me yet... although I do get ALOT of the "my you've got your hands full!"

    What a gift she was to you! I have been taking note of every little gift in my life- counting each one on my blog trying to get to 1,000. When you stop and count them, it really changes your perspective and makes you take notice of all the small joys God give us each day, each hour, each moment. That lady was one of yours!

    And after readying this I am challenged to be that kind of gift to someone else- who can I encourage? I need to be on the lookout for someone who needs a kind word! Thanks, Carrie!

  4. Aww, I am crying!!!! That is simply AWESOME!!! I have been reading your blog for quite sometime and you are an inspiration to me as a wife, mom and most importantly as a CHRISTIAN!

    Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement, wisdom and funny real -life mom moments that we go through EVERYDAY!!!


  5. First of all Carrie-you are a GREAT mom!

    And second, I want to thank you for starting this very clever blog! You have a true gift...making us laugh out loud AND cry tears of joy all in the very same post!

    and to FINALLY answer your question, YES I am a believer of angles among us.

  6. Yeah! Neat story! You ARE a good mom...and God just needed you to hear it from an objective source. :)


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