Monday, December 28, 2009

Trying to get ahead...

Some of you may have stopped by earlier and seen a
Happy New Year post!  HA! did not sleep through a week and miss something. 
Little ol' me is trying to get ahead on a few things and postdated that post to Jan 1, but maybe my computer just didn't know what to do with the year 2010!!

Remember when all the computers were supposed to blow up the world in 2000? 
Didn't happen. 
But this little house wife is predicting the big computer crash of 2010...

So, forget that "Happy New Year" ever happened and relive it all again on the real January 1st, 2010! 

And stay tuned for some more Christmas memories. 
  From 2009, not 2010.... since living in the future really isn't my cup of tea
(though now that I think of it, I would like a cup of coffee). 

I'm just trying to get through today.

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