Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Real or Fake?

So, we are decorating our house tonight.   
"Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree..."

Can I confess??
This is really the first time we are incorporating the kids.  Isn't that horrible?   I think last year Charlotte helped a little while Carson napped.   But honestly, decorating with the kids has been the last thing I have wanted to do in years past.  Call me a scrooge!

This year it is a family affair.  We will have a delightful meal for dinner, with delightfully obedient children.  We will play Christmas music... light some candles and enjoy the decorating.   Right?  Everyone will get along.  Right?  There will be no crying, there will be no tantrums.  Only Christmas Joy!

So, that brings me to my question...  Real or fake? 

Confession number 2...
We are a fake tree family. 
It has always been so much more convenient, and we have a spiffy little pre-lit tree... that does the job quite nicely, if I do say so myself.  I would also like to think I am helping out the environment and being green by not cutting down a live tree.  And you know my track record with pets...I admit I am not much better with plants.   I take very good care of people....but not pets or plants.     

We do however light a nice smelling pine candle that fills our house with yummy goodness. And I gather Christmas tree clippings from the tree lots and make garland, decorate our mantle, and put some in vases with cranberries.  So we are not lacking in all the evergreen/pine smell. 

Our artificial tree is nice, but not as nice as these trees I stumbled across on Balsam Hill! Wowsers!  These trees are A-mazing!  If you are interested in winning your very own tree, hope on over to Balsam Hill to enter their next year you can have the swankiest tree around!


So, now time for you to confess...

Real or Fake Tree?

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  1. I can't choose between real and fake. When we have the money, we go for real...but we have an old pre-lit from Eric's grandma that we use when we can't get a real one. Our youth at church did a mission trip fundraiser this year, though, where they sold wreaths and we felt like our money was going to a good cause...and it was only $20!

  2. If we're home, I like the "cut your own tree" experience (which we've done once... and will probably do this year again), but we are usually not at home for christmas in which case I say fake all the way!
    I love the new look of your blog!! Is is public?? How did you do your header?


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