Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Let us Entertain You…

Welcome to the world of preschool performances.

Where I am not sure what is funnier...
The group of kids refusing to sing, or the group of parent paparazzi all geared up with cameras prodding their children to sing.

This would be the group of 2 year old non-singers. I think the little boy on the far left front row (Gabe) was the ONLY singer... and sing did he ever.
My little non-singer.  The funny thing is he sings SO loud and SO proud at home and in class. But not on performance day. Shortly after this shot, they started dropping like flies and running to their mamas.
And even once with me, Carson was not a fan of all the parent paparazzi.
Next up was Charlotte's Performance. 
She has a 0-4 track record of performances.  We weren't holding out hope that she would sing this time... But... That girl sang and danced her little heart out.  And recited Luke 2:11 in it's entirety.

And I was the proudest little Mama Llama there.
The Little Star herself proclaimed "I didn't have stage fright this time!"
She's growin' up folks!

Carson was SO proud of his sister too and maybe this will encourage him to sing next time!

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