Saturday, December 12, 2009

A few re-writes..

The children have learned some great Christmas Carols at preschool.  But they have also come up with a few interesting lines...

Here are a few of the altered lyrics---

We Wish You Merry Christmas!
Good tidings we bring, wa wa wa Friends.

Jingle Bells!
Oh what fun it is to ride on happy horsey sleigh!

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reign Deer
Rudolph the Red Nosed Baby

O Christmas Tree!
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree... your leaves are so unchanging
I know this isn't actually a mistake... as I have learned there many variations to the song...but it isn't the way I like to sing it (how lovely are your branches),  so I correct her every time.  She is going to be SO confused the day of the performance. 

We Three Kings
We three Kings from Oriental Star

They may have blundered the lyrics a little, but they sure do have the Christmas spirit! 

In the mean time, hope you have a fun time riding on a happy horsey sleigh, while you wait for the red nosed baby and the three kings from that oriental star.  Merry Christmas to wa wa wa Friends!

What funny Christmas sayings have your children coined??

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  1. I think Sandra was four years old when she heard "Joy to the World" at church. When it got to "the glories of his righteousness..." Sandra looked up and me and said "Did they say Righteous Mess?" Classic! Eric said that at least she had the right idea on our human condition. :) (Not so much on the glories of Christ, though.)


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