Monday, December 28, 2009

A few of my favorite things…

Here are some snapshots of the present extravaganza! 
So much fun!
We don’t really do Santa,
but we still do stockings!

Little Helen had fun her first Christmas


Her Grandmommie gets all the babies a silver cup their first Christmas
And Helen kept looking for a snack inside!


By the end of the morning, she had this amazing little play gym
And was more interested in this box.  HA!
But she LOVES that jungle toy!

Carson was thrilled when he got this Buzz Lightyear


But all toys were forgotten the moment he opened this…

 IMG_5397 IMG_5401

And it took approximately .3 seconds for him to rip off those jammies and put the whole uniform on.


And he has been in that Panther Uniform ever since.  
Is it dangerous to let him sleep in a helmet?  


And Charlotte loved her Tag reader, her wooden play cupcake set, and cash register.

We also got the kids this great game…

It is called Animal Scramble and it is a ton of fun!
I got it on “lightening deal” a few weeks ago for only $8.99!  It’s now back up to $20…But if you find a deal like that, I definitely recommend this game. 

And me, you ask?
I got this great Jacket from Old Navy from David’s parents


And my hubby got me this yummy Burberry Brit Perfume

It was a great Christmas with presents galore and I think all were thrilled with their treasures. 

Of course, the greatest treasure if all is Christ Himself…
Who came to dwell among us! 

We kept “quizzing” the kids….
Why do we give Gifts again?
To Share God’s Love

So what were a few or your or your kids’ favorite things?

*none of these are affiliate links, as Amazon won’t partner with NC…so I am not getting paid to recommend these products.  I just thought you might be interested to know where to find them!


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