Monday, December 21, 2009

Are you a Smarty Pants?

That is....A TRIAD Smarty Pants? 

Hop on over to visit the girls at Triad Smarty Pants... I am a guest blogger over there today and wrote up a little post on the Sunset Hills Lights to share with ALL of the Triad!

If you have not heard of Triad Smarty Pants... you are missing out!  You will want to subscribe TODAY!

They are THE go to site on all things Triad related.  My favorite posts are the "weekend activities" posts that come out Wednesday or Thursday.  Looking for a preschool, a good deal, a new date night restaurant? 

Triad Smarty Pants is the blog for you! 
Not to mention the great give-aways they do!

Are you visiting from Triad Smarty Pants? Welcome to Little Llamas! 
Check out the button on the right sidebar or click here to get to know us!  
Hope you "Graze" with us a while!

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