Saturday, November 14, 2009

Come out Come out wherever you are...

So I went to a fun baby shower this morning...Such cute stuff!  Made me almost want to go out and get pregnant right now.    I know SO many pregnant people right now.

But...then I came home and took all three kids to Chick-Fil-A, and had a dose of actually wasn't that bad.  The grandparents were with us...which makes everything so much easier. 

But... back to the baby thing again... I think we are JUST fine for a while.    But MAN, were there some adorable baby gifts this morning! 

As I was talking to what appeared to be the only two non-pregnant ladies there, I discovered they read my blog. Hello Ladies!  But, Really?  You read my blog?  They said... "yes, a lot of people read your blog"

And I thought I was just talking all about a bunch of nothing so that David's Grandaddy could have something to read.
( Hi Grandaddy! )

So here's the thing...I know you're out there.
I am writing (even if it is a little sporatic at times) are reading.

So Come on out of hiding and
show a blogger a little love. 

Leave a comment... you don't have to have a blog to comment!  You don't have to tell me your name (though I'd love to know who ya are!)

But do share...
What would YOU like to see more of?
Pictures of my adorable kids?
My hilarious sense of humor?
My resourceful "know it all" chatter about some type of kid gear?
More serious posts on life, faith, and my favorite CFA sauce
A "how to" on some type of something 
(honestly I don't know how to do a lot, but I could show you something)

But won't you come on out of hiding and show the Love?  I would just Love it!


  1. guilty as charged...I read but dont comment...and now you have one upped me. You left one on mine!

    I love your insight on kiddie gear. And honestly any parenting advice for having multiple babies would be much appreciated!

    Love the blog...keep it coming...

  2. i read and i love it all! very entertaining. found you from rachel's blog!
    kaye creasman

  3. LOVE it!! I have you on my google reader so I always see your new posts :) keep doing what you're doing... it makes me smile

  4. hey carrie! i love seeing pics of your family and staying updated on the russells! love you guys.

  5. I would love to see a post on how to make the baby Jesus and manger that you made last Christmas! Also any other Christmas things you do with the kids!

    Love reading your blog!

  6. I am one of the men who is willing to admit I regularly read the blog.

    How can I not!

    Daddy Llama

  7. Carrie I really enjoy reading your blog! Even though I am not a mommy yet, I love reading my friends blogs about parenting and all that God is teaching them through that. And you are FUNNY!!!!!!!!!! :-)
    Miss you girl, hope we can connect sometime. We have so much in common now, working in collegiate ministry and all. Hopefully someday soon I will be a mommy too and that will be one more thing to relate on!!!

  8. I love keeping up with your family through your blog...consider this a confession. :)


Please share... I love to hear from readers!