Monday, November 16, 2009

What do you get when....

You have floors that need to be swept


a baby on the move???





The cutest little Dust Bunny you ever have seen! 

If only I could put this little llama to work sweeping....
Then I thought of a gift my sister sent me.

Let me introduce the Sweeper Slipper.

I kid you not. 
She saw these...she thought of me.  My sister is thoughtful like that.  Actually I think it was my 4 year old nephew (3 at the time) who saw them and said they HAD to buy them. 

Not sure what is funnier....that my sister actually bought these, or the fact that I have considered actually using them. 

I am thinking if I strap them on Helen's legs and spray a little Murphy's Floor Cleaner in front of her, I will be good to not mop for a while.  

Maybe my sister is a Genius after all. 

But for now... so what if my floors aren't clean...
 I will just enjoy hugging on the cutest little Dust Bunny around. 

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