Thursday, November 19, 2009

She Devoured Those Carrots...

devour eat or eat up hungrily, greedily, or voraciously consume or destroy with devastating force take in greedily with the eyes, ears, or mind the child devours fairy tales absorb completely; engross devoured by curiosity swallow up; engulf


"She devoured those carrots"
That is what I said about Helen tonight. 

And up pops Charlotte from over the couch, and so matter of factly says....
"Devour means to to Gobble something up into your tummy"

What a smart little girl she is.  How, you ask, did such a little girl learn such a large word? 

Well, we have been reading a lot of Fancy Nancy lately. 

But I must admit...
 I owe this one to our good friend Word Girl.

Thank you Word Girl... PBS kids, you never let me down.

Little Charlotte is so adorable (especially with her new haircut!) I could devour her.


  1. yay for words! And I hope Luke devours his carrots today like Helen did!

  2. So when do we get to see the new 'do'?


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