Monday, November 16, 2009

Please Pray...

**Update at bottom**

My heart is so heavy for the sweet little life of
Maddie Atkinson.

My good friend Christie Romine is a woman who Discipled me in college and is one of my dearest friends.  Maddie is her 6 year old niece who lives in GA.   

Friday---Maddie was diagnosed with H1N1 on Sunday and it has developed into Pneumonia in both lungs. She is in the ICU at Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta, GA.

Sunday Update ---Her condition has worsened and she is now on a breathing ventilator and fighting for her life. One of her lungs has collapsed the other has a large air pocket in it. This has caused pressure on her heart and they are now trying to get her heart rate back up. She has also developed a secondary staph infection on top of H1 and Pneumonia.

Monday -- body went into shock, had to have a blood transfusion, pneumonia has taken over both right and left lungs really bad, on breathing machine at a level of 200 bpm, fully sedated and now paralyzed by meds to let her body rest/heal

Monday night --  She is still critical but stable. They have taken her from 3 antibiotics to 2 so hopefully the docs have figured out what is working to fight her infection. They changed the type of ventilator she was on and this helped with stabilizing her and they reduced the amount of oxygen they were having to use. These are hopeful signs

Please pray for little Maddie, for her family, for the Dr's to have the wisdom to know how to treat her, and for God...the Great reach down in His loving kindness and to heal her weak little body.

I am not the type that asks for prayer for all sorts of things... but this has hit very close to home and has sobered us so much.  What if this was my neice or nephew?  What if this was my child?? As we tucked our 3 little llamas in tonight we thanked God for their lives and prayed He would protect them.

Please join us as we beseech the Almighty on behalf of little Maddie Atkinson.
**Update**--Here is a
care page if you wish to visit

Tuesday afternoon--  Not much new to report. They are doing another xray and giving Maddei a sponge bath.  She is stable.  Keep praying!


  1. Sending prayers for Maddie!

    ~ Jennifer

  2. My 17 month old is going through this right now. He has developed the beginning on pnuemonia in his lungs and is on antibiotics. He is still home at the moment thankfully and we hope the antibiotics work. We have another assessment on Thursday to see if we need to X-ray his lungs. If you could add my son to your prayers, I would be forever grateful!

  3. praying for little Maddie! Please keep us updated!


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