Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Please help me find the match to this long lost shoe.  

I have looked....

in drawers

in trashcans  (found plenty of non-trash things there before)

under couches

in closets

 in toy boxes

in the pile of leaves (where I found a sippy cup yesterday)

in the dishwasher (they probably need a good cleaning)

in the toy kitchen (who wouldn't want to pretend to cook a shoe)

in the van (we seem to have problem keeping shoes on in the van)


This shoe was found inside the crock pot in our kitchen.
So I truly mean it when I say "only God knows" where the other shoe is.  Because I believe that...really, only God knows.  Because Carson's response has been "I not know" the 100 times I have asked him today about where the other shoe is.

I'll keep you updated on the status of this claim... But I have a feeling that the next owners of this house might find a size 8 sneaker in an air duct somewhere...

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  1. Have you looked in the leaves outside?

  2. Are you sure he came home with it? I feel your pain and sorrow... I too lost a shoe of my sons and I about drove myself to the looney bin trying to find it! Never did :(


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