Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

So what is your shopping game plan today??
Mine is to stay far far away from any retail store possible.  Unless of course I can convince David to keep the kids so I can go to the outlets... Oh, just shoot me now. 

I have only once gotten up at 6:00 to brave the masses on Black Friday.  It was 2002 and David and I had been married for almost 2 months.  We had some wedding money still and there it was in the circular the week before Thanksgiving.  Calling my name...

The Coveted Kitchen-Aid Mixer...
THE kitchen item that will transform ALL new brides into Martha Stewart over night.  I wanted it.  I NEEDED it.  AND.... it was only $139.  Uh...yeah, you would've gotten up to be there too!

So, I poured my coffee and headed over to Tuesday Morning at 6:00.  Waited in line.  We could see the shelf of Kitchen Aid Mixers through the window.   We began counting the mixers and counting the people in line.    Oh, you mean you are here for the Madam Alexander Dolls and not the mixers?  Fabulous.  

The Doors opened.  We rushed in.  Did I mention I was in the first 10 people?  I am committed like that. 

We all just grabbed a mixer just to get our hands on one... then we began trading for our color preference.  And I walked out a happy Bride of 7 weeks with a shiny Red Kitchen aid Mixer.   

And my baking has forever been changed. 
Well, not really.  I think I used that the mixer 3 times a week for the next couple months....Determined to prove to my husband of 7 weeks that this purchase was totally worth it.  (And it totally was)  But I admit, I am somewhat of a mixer dropout.  I use it for big baking projects... but when I just need to stir a few things together I just grab a spoon or a whisk.   

So what is your MUST HAVE item this Black Friday? 
Any Door-busters you are standing in line for?

And if you find a Zhu Zhu pet.... pick a few up for me (and one for Bigmama).  Don't know what's so exciting about this little furry creature (other than the genius fact that you can turn them OFF), but they are THE hot gift this year.
And you know my kids HAVE to have THE hottest toys... NOT!   

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  1. I big heart my Kitchen Aid mixer. I waited for 6 years into my marriage before my mom caved and bought it for me. So fun.


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