Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh How I Love thee...

Just a few reasons why I love...

-You have a hilarious laugh and a great sense of humor.

-You are quite a rule keeper...especially when it is convenient for you. You also love being the enforcer of rules with Carson.

-You are very spiritually aware. I think you are going to be my compassionate child...maybe. (that truly would be a miracle, as Daddy and I aren't exactly over flowing with compassion) You are often talking about how Jesus will heal people.

-I love our morning time cuddles. You are just about the sweetest thing ever.

-I love when I ask for a kiss, you kiss my nose.

-I love that you are adventurous and more physically coordinated than some 4 year olds. You are our athlete for sure! You have no fear....which I both love and hate. You are the reason I have poison control in my cell phone and know at all times where the closest ER and Urgent Care are.

-You let me throw you in the sling and take you anywhere, and stay out all day. As long as you're with me, you are a happy little bug.

-I love your full face smile and the way you bury your head in my shoulder when Daddy says "hey helen" like you're trying to hide

-I love how I am convinced that "mmmmm" really means "mama". Tell me it does!

-Even though I would be thrilled if you would take a bottle, I admit I secretly love it that you only want mommy. I am thrilled however that you are letting me leave you in the nursery without screaming bloody murder for 2 hours.


I love my kids a ton....sharing with others how much I love them and what I love about them spurs me on to love them more in my words and actions towards them. Ever feel like facebook, and your mommy chats with your friends are just a big bowl of complaints?? Guilty here! I know for me it helps me to know others hear my struggles and relate. But often it just breeds discontentment in my heart and bitterness towards my life and my kids.

This week I am NOT going to complain on Facebook about my kids. I am going to Praise God for the 3 children I have and look for a way to love them better!

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  1. You are the cutest! I love all the reasons to love. It's fun to share your love for your kids with others. Thanks for the glimpse of the clan!


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