Friday, September 4, 2009

Gloria Vanderbilt...

What in the WORLD do Gloria Vanderbilt and I have in common?

To be honest, not much....

But I must admit I have found a favorite new pair of jeans. They are fabuloso! And you guessed it...
The brand is Gloria Vanderbilt.

I have officially entered into the world on Mom Jeans. I mean really... Gloria Vanderbilt? Just report me to the fashion police RIGHT NOW!

But wait... these are not your typical mom jeans.

These jeans are great. They have a nice flare leg (flare is still in, right?) I am sorry but skinny jeans aren't EVER going to look good on me... or you, or most people. Unless you are 13 and 85 lbs. So, Flare is for me, it evens out the nice curviness in my thrice used birthing hips. (yes, thrice is a word)

However much I would LOVE a pair of these or these jeans, since I hear they are THE jeans to own.... I currently do not have $200 just sitting around, nor will I be buying a pair of jeans that expensive ever....unless I want my husband to kill me and thus be buried in the $200 jeans I just bought.

But... if I ever do lose these last 15 lbs of baby weight (3 babies = thrice the baby weight...there's that word again) I might just scope out Ebay for a good deal.

Back to my new fav jeans...

I got them at Kohls... I know, your mom's favorite store.... Now one of my favorite stores. These jeans have a nice stretch (wait, I already mentioned that) Flare, and... oh yes, a MID- waist.

Please moms... if you are playing on the floor with your kids, I do not want to see your bottom crack... nor does anyone else playing with you at playgroup. :) Do us all a favor and retire the ultra low rise jeans for good. My mid-waist jeans still look awesome on, and actually hold in a little of that extra 15 lbs I mentioned earlier!
I bought myself a size 8....but I hope to splurge another $21 (did I mention they were on sale?)and go out and buy another pair in a size 6 in a few months.
Here's Hoping! And Here's to a great pair of fitting jeans for the fall.
Thank You Gloria!

PS-- for all those who are headed to Kohls to buy yourself an awesome pair of jeans, I bought the Isabelle in flair, in a mid-dark color . Not the lightest--too casual for me, not the darkest---the dark ones back button pockets and i don't like pocket flaps. They also have boot-cut, but I recommend the flair.

**UPDATE---The rumors are true.  Gloria stopped making the flair Isabelle jeans.  Gasp.  I have found the Amandas (yuck).  The best way to find the Isabelle is on Ebay (just search Gloria Vanderbilt flair, because most people don't know they are called Isabelle). I actually just bought a pair on Ebay...they are a little longer than my own, and seem bigger... but the fit is still superb. I can get the hemmed.   I also spent some time at a "nicer" Goodwill and found 4 size 8 GV jeans, but no Isabelles.   BooBoo.... Any one else have similar jeans they love??


  1. I've been hoping I don't have to go jeans shopping, but I probably should just break down and do it. Ugh! Another joy of motherhood. :-)

  2. Thanks for the tip! i'm headed to Kohls!

  3. Though somewhat shameful to admit, Khol's is about the only place I shop. As someone who does not at all enjoy shopping, I love that I can get just about everything I need for my whole household there in one place. And they ALWAYS have great sales going on. It's the only store I have a store credit card to. (As a side, it is also my mom's favorite did you know?) ;)

    As for GV...I don't currently, but I have in the past owned a pair. I got mine at Marshall's or somewhere like that. Didn't know Khol's had them.

  4. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you're not going to find those Isabelles at Kohl's or anywhere else for that matter. For whatever stupid reason Gloria decided to discontinue the Isabelle line. The reason I found your blog is because I was online desperately searching for a pair. Every time I find an item I like, they discontinue it.


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