Friday, August 21, 2009

I am not a pet person...

There...I admit it.

**If you are visiting from Kelly's Corner Show us your life, Welcome!  I had to link to this older post, becasue it is so stinking hilarious!  Enjoy my non-love of pets.  I Love YOUR pets, and I LOVE that they aren't mine!    I am, however, looking for a Zhu Zhu pet. 

I just cleaned our Fish Bowl for the first time in who knows when...
and was reminded that I do not like pets.

I don't have this deep love for least not animals that live in my home.

I love animals...that live in a zoo. Or frolick nicely in my yard. Or pop up in random photos like Nuts the squirrell. I love making animal noises with my kids. But I don't like animals living in my home.

I love you. And I love your pets. And I love that YOU love your pets so much.

But me... I just don't like pets. And I feel like you aren't supposed to admit that. I really don't want to offend you...all of you. As it appears that everyone I know loves pets. Just not me.

And ... my husband.
See.... God knew what He was doing when He matched us up!

Of course I have gone through my numerous phases of wanting a dog. Man's best friend. But those desires pass quickly... kind of like when I think of how "fun" it would be to have quadruplet babies.... End thought is....thanks, but no thanks. My neighbors have a dog, and we can visit it all the time. They also have a bunny. How, fun...a bunny!

I have a couple friends that have chickens. I think chickens are very cool. I want to be green. I want to eat healthy. I would love fresh eggs layed right outside my door. We have the perfect piece of land for chickens. But the chickens themselves... and the chicken smells, and sounds, and droppings? No thanks. So Kirsten and Tracey, you can drop off a few eggs whenever you feel like it!

But alas, we do have a pet.

Meet Freddy. Freddy the Fish....

He is Charlotte's pet....she got him on her 3rd birthday. Carson likes to torture Chrlotte by yelling EVERY night "Freddy is MY pet". That's just fine by long as he's not MY pet... since I don't like pets. David likes to make fun of how if he didn't feed Freddy, Freddy would "probably" never eat. He's right...there's no "probably" about that statement! If he (David, not Freddy) is out at bedtime I totally skip feeding him! Shhh... don't tell!

No matter how many times I forget to feed Freddy, he is still thriving.
No matter how dirty I let his bowl get, he keeps swimming.

And you ask... why do you have a pet if you don't like pets? Would you believe that it was actually MY idea to get Charlotte this fishy friend? Momentary lapse in judgement... I led with emotion, not objective thinking. Lesson learned.

Well, I just think that kids need a pet. And a fish is probably the easiest pet to have.

Starving in a dirty bowl, and Freddy is still with us.

Well, his bowl is clean now, and even though David is out tonight, I promise I did feed the fish.We have had Freddy for almost 1 year (the picture's from then).


  1. I have a friend who feels the same way about kids. She has two dogs that live better lives than either of my boys. To each his own :o) Charlotte will be able to change the water soon enough. For now, I pay kids from church to clean my turtle aquarium in my office.

  2. I am so with you on this one that I could have written your blog for you! We are currently pet-less...but the only pets we've ever had have been of the cold-blooded variety (a fish and a lizard)...and I've often wondered if you can really call them pets b/c it's not like you can take them out and play with them. (Well, Eric tried to let Sandra pet the lizard, but usually ended up chasing it all over the room to recapture it.)

  3. I'm right there with you...I am NOT a pet person and often feel like that makes me a bad person. It doesn't, just makes us better at loving people!

  4. Know what? I really don't like birds... yet I love our chickens! ha ha! No eggs yet but we'll share once they start laying!!!

  5. Freddy the fish is a charmer! I got our aquarium for our little girl 1 mth ago on her 3rd b-day!
    Summer :0)

  6. I had a fish named Tiger that lived all through college! He was the best pet EVER!


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