Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vacation with 5 children 4 and under...

Possible? Not really.
But it is what we do, every summer with our best friends the Thomas's
(how exactly do you write the plural of Thomas... Thomas's or Thomases?)

They live in Italy and we only see them a few times a summer, so to make the most of our time together, we have started a tradition of a joint family vacation.

Isabella (4), Elisabetta (15m), Carson (2 1/2), Helen (4m) Charlotte (3 1/2)
For some reason we NEVER get a pic of the adults....wonder why??

We had a great time swimming and playing in the lake and pool at Rumbling Bald at Lake Lure

(yep that would be Charlotte's typical camera pose)

Was' up??
Vacation is always a really great idea.
But our days our full of entertaining the kiddos, and working around naptime.
The real vacation happens after 8:30 when all kids are bathed and in bed and the parents can enjoy some much needed catching up.

We take turns each night sharing about our years, our joys and struggles, and pray for and with each other. It is a sweet time of fellowship with very special friends.

Want to know a fun fact??
For the past 4 years some one has been pregnant or nursing.
This summer it was my turn (to be nursing, not to be pregnant...THANK GOD!)

In 2006, I was pregnant with Carson.
In 2007, I was nursing carson and Kristin got pregnant with Elisabetta
In 2008, she was nursing an 8 week old and I was pregnant with Helen
In 2009, I was nursing Helen.
And Next year in 2010....
We have a few more months for K to get pregnant so we can have a nursling along, or maybe she'll get pregnant next summer.

Either way, we HAVE to carry on the tradition and I for sure am NOT getting pregnant anytime soon. It all rests on her shoulders.

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