Friday, June 19, 2009

You're doing what??

Yes... you heard us right. We Packed up our family and embarked to our Nation's Capitol for 4 weeks. We are deep into week 3 and thought we'd finally give you a glimpse to what we've been doing up here.

All Packed up and on the Road...

You can't tell, but we've got this van PACKED out with a roof top carrier on top!

Our Trusty tour guide...

Keeper of the snacks... and DVD commander.

And we pulled up to our little spot on The Hill.

It's in a darling area with all sorts of amazing row houses and 100+ years of history.

This would be our 1bedroom apt.

This would be the nursery... I mean the Kitchen.

Then we have the Kid's room and bathroom...

And this would be our makeshift "Murphy bed"

we lay the mattresses out on the floor every night, and pop them up every morning.

But squeezing a family of 5 into a 1 bedroom apt is totally worth it when you walk out your door and see this...

We have so enjoyed our time here and see all that God is doing and could do in this great influential city.

Here is a song that we have been claiming for DC and just hits us everytime we hear it.
Greater things are still to come for this city!

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