Friday, June 26, 2009

Toddler Rock!

Whath better way to spend a morning with the family then by going to see Rocknoceros
We hopped on the Metro and headed toward our destination...

Daddy and Carson getting ready for the concert...
Charlotte Rockin' it out!

The oh so cool band!

Mommy and her big guy!

Carson finally getting into the dancing and jumpin around...

Helen wondering why we woke her up for this...

I must was fun, but quite chaotic.
David's exact words were "No wonder mom's are so stressed out. Not only are you trying to handle your own crazy kids, but then you actually think it sounds like a fun idea to go into a room with 100 other crazy kids."
He's right...
But I told him I go to these things to remind myself that I am not the only mom about to lose my mind...we moms can look around and be comforted that we are all sleep deprived, we all have toddler meltdowns, but we all love our kids.
For your viewing pleasure here is a little Music Video from Rocknoceros

Enjoy...and let your kids watch and jump up and down!

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  1. Never heard of them -- but oh, so adorable! And Amen to being in the same boat with other moms!!

    ~ Jennifer


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