Wednesday, June 24, 2009

So what have we been doing?

Well, what I should be doing right now is packing. But I know once I get home to Greensboro, I will be consumed with life's demands and these pictures will never see the light of day.

We have walked with rockets...
Flown Helicopters...

Air and Space Museum on a rainy day

Rang the Freedom Bell at Union Station

Rode the Carousel at the Mall...
then avoided that route every other time we walked the mall

Played at many parks and playgrounds...
So many to choose from.
Met up with lots of friends in the area

Got to see the National Marine Corp Band perform an evening parade
with the Silent Drill Platoon

Amazing and SO patriotic. Made us SO proud to be Americans.

That would be Chief Justice Roberts above...

We've enjoyed the beautiful architecture of the houses, but also the many 100+ year old churches

Above is St Mark's Episcopal...established 1896...built in 1905.

And of course...
Rubbed Elbows with some politicians

That would be Congressman Randy Forbes who was just honored the Christian Statesman award. If You haven't seen a certain video of his statement on the House floor recently... it's worth taking a look.

There are indeed still honorable men and women in DC striving to honor God and who are willing to stand up for Truth!

On a completely lighter note....
what do you get when you mix 100+ toddlers and a concert?
Other than total chaos... Rocknoceros of course!

More on that later...

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  1. Oh do I miss the Silent Drill team in DC. My hubby was a Marine and we'd go every chance we got. Looks like a great trip!

    ~ Jennifer


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