Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Front or Back?

So, I never really payed any attention to the way my kids sleep. The are in bunk beds, so I don't see them side by side. But since being here, we have to sneak in their room to go to the bathroom at night, and I just get the biggest kick out of watching them sleep.

Here is my BACK Sleeper.

She will be in this same position all night with very little movement. She is a great child to share a bed with.
And this is my TUMMY sleeper...

Now Carson is not a still sleeper. He tosses and turns, talks in his sleep. He fell out of bed 3 times last night. (we forgot his bed rail...ooops!) You really could not pay me to sleep in the same bed with this child. Because I would not get any sleep at all.

And I won't show you which way Helen sleeps, lest you call Child Protective Services on me. But she sleeps...and that's all that matters to me. And if you are wondering... I am a side sleeper and David is a stomach sleeper. Just in case you were burning to know.

Disclaimer--- yes, the children have sippy cups in bed.
Please don't comment how it is bad to go to bed with a drink. I know. It is just water, not juice or milk that will rot their little teeth. My pediatrician and I both feel fine about it.

So, do you have 2 different sleepers in your family??


  1. We always have sippy cups with water in the bed. I figure that's one less thing to wake me up about - and both of my boys have slept without pull-ups from the time they were potty-trained with very few accidents. I'm sure I'll be changing the sheets tonight for typing that :o)

  2. My guess is that Helen is a tummy sleeper. Both my kids were...they would have nothing to do w/ the whole "back to sleep" thing. Sandra sleeps on her back most of the time now...and Reuben still sleeps on his tummy. :) Hope you guys are enjoying DC. You are a super trooper!

  3. We have two different sleepers in our family. Girl, they both sleep with sippy cups! My theory is, if Momma and Daddy are able to sleep and nobody is crying, nothing else matters!


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