Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ahhh... SO Refreshing.

Crystal Light that is...

For some reason, every summer I dive into drinking
TONS of Crystal Light.
I don't drink a lot of Crystal Light other times of the year, but during summer it is like my life source.

I think perhaps it is because most summers we are on our Summer Beach Project in Myrtle Beach and the water supply is most certainly questionable.... though we usually drink jug water while there, the times I fill up at a water fountain I like to disguise the yucky water with something not so yucky.

Enter Crystal Light.
(do you hear the angelic music??)

Right after having Helen (and each of my babies) I could drink water (the colder the better) like there was no tomorrow.... I could chug it down! Any nursing mom will tell you... you get THIRSTY!!

Just this week I started up my Crystal Light again, and I am shocked at how much water I am getting in. Then I came across a post at Kelly's Korner Review about a Crystal Light Challenge. And I knew it was meant for ME!

Then...I come to realize, that not only am I meant for this challenge, I have already blown this challenge

You see...

I have purchased this nifty little (bpa free of course)
water bottle from Rubbermaid

And it holds 32oz of water. That is 4 - 8oz glasses all in one water bottle.

In goes 1 little packet of Crystal Light to go pack, and voila! Heaven... and I have my own little mommy sippy cup. And I am drinking at least two bottles a day...sometimes even 3.

My favorite flavors are....
Peach Tea and Raspberry Ice

Note.... the directions say to put 1 packet with 16-20 oz of water... Personally I think it would taste like pure syrup that way! Mixed with 32 oz of water, it is refreshing, but not overwhelmingly sweet. It is very gulp-able.

So if you have a smaller water bottle, I recommend NOT using a whole packet.

So, click on over to Crystal Light and join the challenge...
which for me, was no challenge at all. But for some of you Coke addicts... it will be a challenge!

And you can use the above little "widget" on your own blog to track how much water you've had that day! Genius! (well, not that I am really going to track my water intake on my blog...I can't even load pictures. But you can track your water intake on your blog)

Now.... If only I can break my 2 cups of coffee habit with my not so healthy creamer! I just can't do it.

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  1. Carrie, I love this! Not only did you make me smile (so much to say about a powdered drink mix), but you answered my dilemma about the BPA safety of my recently purchased water bottle. I've been waiting to use mine until I knew for sure. I looked online and even considered consulting you, as you are my resource to all things "toxic" for kids :) It turns out, I bought the exact same one. You're the best. Happy drinking! Hmm...


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