Thursday, May 7, 2009

From the Lips of Babes

Charlotte Brought home a sheet today titled

"My Mommy"

You see, it seems someone at her preschool thought it would be funny to "interview" the children and ask the questions about their mommies. This could REALLY be dangerous. Who knows what ridiculous things they might say.
Below is Charlotte's "Interview"
My Mommy's Name is Carrie
She is 24 Years old
(so I promise I didn't have her when I was 21... I am really 29...thanks)
She lives on S----Drive
(Good job! Or is that a safety concern that she is telling strangers where we live?
Hence, why I am NOT going to tell strangers where we live)
Her Job is Working on the computer downstairs
(so Maybe, just maybe I spend a little too much time on the computer. Maybe.)
Her Favorite Food is Macaroni
(right, on girl! I LOVE me some baked macaroni! YUMMO!)
She likes to go shopping
(And her favorite store? Tar--jay!
Most moms take their kids to the park... we go to Target!)
Her favorite color is purple
(Lord, no! Purple is SO out... Orange is WAY in...
I am also into brown and avocado green lately)
She loves Carson
(poor girl...does she think I love him more than her?)
Do you see all the ways this interview could have had devastating results?? What if she divulged our deepest darkest secrets to the preschool teacher? And what if I divulged them to the blog world?? Let's just say I am pleased with her answers. If "working on the computer" is the worst answer, I'll take it.

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