Saturday, April 25, 2009

My life is a Zoo!

Well, my Life isn't really a zoo!
But we did visit the NC Zoo last week as a family! (I am a little behind in posting!) We have a great "mini" zoo at our Natural Science Center in Greensboro, but this was their first time seeing Giraffes, Gorillas, Elephants, Zebras. It was a great time!

It was supposed to be a high 0f 68 that we dressed accordingly, Well at 10am it was still in the 50's... needless to say we were freezing for a while. Charlotte was a tad grumpy.

Until I gave her the zoo map...
And she LOVED it! Is she my daughter or what? I love a good map!

And the trip wouldn't be complete without riding the Carousel....which in fact was a Mery Go Round, NOT a Carousel. What's the difference? Well, glad you asked such an important question. While a Carousel has horses you can ride, a Merry Go Round has all types of animals.

See....leopard and polar bear...definitely a Merry Go Round!

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