Monday, April 13, 2009

The Inner Battle Continues...

You may remember a post a while back where I laid bare my inner battle over grocery shopping at my Posh Harris Teeter in Fancy town or driving to the closest not so posh SuperWalmart in a not so fancy part of town. It was quite a funny post, so if you missed it... take a look,you'll get a great laugh.

Well, the Inner Battle continues. And Let me tell you...That the Teeter Totter (as Queen Charlotte like to call it) is winning hands down!

1-- I have been clipping coupons. HT doubles my coupons. Once every few months they actually triple my coupons! And if you match your coupons with the VIC special (it is an art) and you can save some BIG bucks

2-- They take my groceries out to my van, unload them, and whisk the cart away for me!

3--They are just 3 minutes from my house..both of them. Yes I have 2 Harris Teeters within 3 minutes of my house. The Taj Ma Teeter...the BIG one. And then the "other one". Take your pick.

But who has time to grocery shop with 3 kids??? Well, certainly not me. I did go last week with sweet Helen, while the big kids were at Preschool. It was a great trip. But I cannot always do the grocery trip on a Mon or Wed, and I am NOT, let me repeat, NOT taking all 3 of my kids shopping quite yet.

Enter my 4th reason for loving Harris Teeter as of late.
That's right. Harris Teeter Express Lane. Are you smellin' what I'm cookin'?? (I love that strange southern line!) You can order your groceries online and tell them when you want to pick them up. I just ordered all our groceries just a few minutes ago...and will drive up to pick them up tomorrow at 11:30. How unbelievably awesome is that?? Pretty awesome. can hand them an envelope with all your coupons and they will apply them to your next online order (they have to get you to come back somehow)

The fee is $5.95 per order. But...Your first order the fee is waived!
I took them up on that sweet offer a few weeks ago. Then Last week I braved the store myself. (I know, I am SO brave) Then low and behold I got an e-mail saying my first online order in April the fee would be waived! Woohoo!! Thank you Harris Teeter!

$5.95....I couldn't get a babysitter for that, I couldn't get a therapy session for that (which would be needed if I took 3 kids to the grocery store), I could barely get a meal for that. But for $5.95 I can drive up, and just pick up my groceries. Now that is the life. It is my life...well for now. For today.

Now, don't go e-mailing me about how "snobby" it is to pay to pick your groceries up.
1-I have not actually paid the $5.95 fee yet
2-This is only a temporary deal while I am "adjusting" to life with 3. (it may end up being a LONG adjustment)

So for now I will say goodbye to wine tastings (see post mentioned earlier), free samples, starbucks, and sushi (yes, HT also a sushi bar and it is quite yummy)...I can do without those luxuries in exchange for keeping my sanity!

See you at 11:30 HT!


  1. Not sure if you have one close to you but Lowe's Food also has a drive up service like that. So when you run out of freebies at HT than try Lowes for a week for free. (Plus I think they are a little cheaper than HT and still double coupons.) Maybe you'll get it free over and over again as they fight for your business!

  2. Too funny!
    Your kids are sooooo cute.

  3. You need to check out these websites if you haven't already. They basically match up all the coupons w/ all the grocery store specials for you. Southern Savers includes Harris Teeter...the other two don't. Southern Savers is my favorite. I'm just on the precipice of "couponing," but there are several helpful articles on getting started (at least on the SS website there are). Each of them have other great deals or freebies. You'll love it! Here you go.

  4. You probably save $5.95 in items you don't buy on impulse - definately worth it!

  5. Hey Carrie!
    1. I love your blog! And I love the llama books!
    2.I have often wrestled with the Wal-Mart vs. fancy grocery store dilemma...if we had a Harris Teeter or a Lowe's Foods in Texas that did your shopping for you, I'd be allllll over it, sister!


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