Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A girl can dream....

Isn't it illegal, or inappropriate, or just plain bad parenting to leave your children in the van while you run into the Drug store? And the Post Office? And a cute little jewelry store that has the perfect orange (yes, I said orange) necklace I want to match a skirt?

Bad Parenting decision? Correct??
That's what I thought.

And that's why I did NOT get to go to the Drug Store, the Post Office (sorry Hallie, your Bday present might be late) or the Cute Jewelry Store.

Because preschool mornings go by WAY too fast, and now i have a "nursling" who must nurse at the most convenient of times. So only half of my list got done this morning. What's a girl to do?

If I could pay someone to just ride around with me for 45 minutes while i do errands, that would be great. That way I wouldn't be arrested for leaving my kids alone in the van in 80 degree heat. I could leave the van running....

No...Better yet...
If those stores could just provide me with a person who could stand out side and make sure no one drives off with my 3 kids. I would tip that person. A nice little helper standing right outside the drug store door, where there is parking for "moms of children" and they watch my van, and pass out goldfish and juice boxes. That would be heaven. All of the places that should have this.... Target, Post Office, Drug Store, probably HT (though I don't need that service because I order my groceries online now), oh the list is endless.

And While they are at it...
Why doesn't Target and Walmart have a drop and play zone (free of charge of course... I am on a tight budget here) where you can sign your kids in and they could tag them so no one takes them... they could play and jump till their little hearts are content. And I could shop in perfect peace and harmony.

A Girl Can Dream, can't she??

ps-- You don't suppose i could leave now, while they are all sleeping, do ya? I'd only be gone for 30 minutes... Just kidding. But haven't you ever wished you could do that at least once?


  1. THEY are all sleeping.... yet YOU are awake?!?!?!

  2. My grandma told me MANY times that when my mom was asleep she would run out real quick to take my other aunt to her therapy. Afterall she was only gone for an hour. She would have the neighbor run over and check every once in a while. Of course there were no baby monitors. Can you imagine? You are REALLY close to friendly center!

  3. The other day I really contemplated calling my neighbor who has the same baby monitor as me and saying turn your monitor to "B", I have to leave my child alone in the house. Then I thought that DSS might come for sure. I have also thought about carrying 2 sets of keys with me so that I could leave the car running and lock it at the same time while I run really quickly into the post office. I'm dreaming with you!

  4. I'm not going to tell you some of the things I've done w/ my kids b/c this is a public forum and I could get in trouble. :) I will tell you, though, that IKEA is on to your "drop and play" idea. They'll let you leave your kids for an hour while you shop. Unfortunately, if you're just browsing at IKEA, that's not NEARLY enough time. If you had a list and were motivated to shop instead of just browse the showroom, though, I think this could be a great option. Or you could do it every day M-F and that would be five hours of just browsing...which actually might work! They have height limits...but I think Carson and Charlotte would fall w/in the range. You should try it next time you're in Charlotte!

  5. Carrie, you read my mind and said it much more eloquently than I could have. I've been tempted to look for an unsuspecting "mother" type and pay her to watch my car as I quickly run in to the grocery store. No luck! I really did give my next-door neighbor the baby monitor to listen for my sleeping baby from the comfort of HER house (call DSS). She ended up coming over here to listen from MY house, but I tried...

  6. or if only there were a "drive thru for Target"... some way we could shop from our cars. My mom said there used to be a drive thru at a gas station so she could get bread and milk with her 3 babies in the car. Where is that gas station????


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