Sunday, March 1, 2009

Spit on This...A Watched Pot Never Boils!

Well, A watched belly never births. Once again I am overdue...and I do NOT like it!

This counts as a Spit on This Post.
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We are officially 1 day overdue. My first 2 babies were both 10 days over due, so this should come as no surprise to us that our baby did not come early. But we just don't think she will come 10 days late either. I mean really... she really needs to come soon.

But we joked the weeks leading up to the dues date....
-We wanted to get through Carson's B-day party...Way Done...that was a month ago!
-She needed to wait until we had our Valentine's Date...Done!
-She needed to let me watch the big Cross Over Grey's/Private Practice Episodes... Done, and was a 2 week ordeal!

Only we do the unimaginable and ask our baby to wait.

And then I was really ready for her to come. Really. Then a week ago, I broke out in Poison Ivy. So we prayed the unimaginable again.... that she would just wait until it cleared up. Who asks their baby to wait?

I had a few patches on my arms, a really bad patch on my face, and the worst of all was very bad reaction on my...BELLY! Yep... someone (who would do this?) pulled their pants up (over their big orgenant belly) with their garden gloves on and somehow spread the poisonous death trap all over her not so little baby bump.

I was put on steroids (safe for baby) and super cream... but with all the great changes a woman's body goes through in pregnancy.... my reaction was pretty bad. My hormones are up, my immune system is down, and the skin on my stomach has been stretched beyond belief.

Thankfully, everything has cleared up quickly, except the stomach and it is alot better...but still healing. The poison Ivy is cleared, but it is still very sensitive.

Wednesday, I go for a lovely day of pampering. Pedicure. Haircut. My house is in order, my laundry is done. And it is a great day for a baby to come. And she doesn't.

Then Thursday, I start hacking up a lung like a chain smoker. David calls it the thunder cough. No cold, no congestion...boom out of nowhere I have phlegm in my chest from Lord knows where (maybe another one of those pregnancy phenomenas) and I am losing my voice and hacking up a lung. Not to mention all the oddities that come along with being 10 months pregnant and coughing really hard.... anyone who's ever been pregnant out there know's what I am talking about and can give me an "I hear ya!"

So... I think I am getting better. Come on Helen! The hacking is subsiding... a little.

And boom.... after beautiful 65 degree weather (hence the gardening and the poison ivy) Our little corner called home is getting hit with an ice/snow storm tonight. Nice. Thankfully we live only 2 minutes form the hospital. But it does make it a little challenging for our sitters and mothers to get to us if needed.

So, we do the unimaginable again... and kindly ask our overdue baby to wait until this all melts.

We think Wednesday would be a great day for a baby. The snow will be melted, my cough will be gone (please Lord!). Though we have been told something about a full moon and Tuesday being "the day" she will come. I am just praying we have no more reasons to ask her to wait.

So in leau of our request for Helen to wait till this Snow is gone, I have shelved my "labor inducing tricks". Once we feel really really ready, I will pull out my bag of tricks and go to town trying to evict this little womb-squater.

And I will share my tricks with you.... and all the funny (and not so funny) things people have said to me as I tick away baking this little turkey.


  1. Praying for you as you endure the end.

  2. Hopefully you've had little Helen by now and you are relaxing and lovin' on your miracle. If not, today is my little girl's tell Helen to feel free to join her. hee-hee Can't wait to meet her in blogworld!


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