Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh, What is in a Name??

For those wondering about Helen’s name,
we would love to share the significance behind her name.

Her middle name “Ann” is in honor of both of her Grandmothers --- Shelia Ann and Patricia Anne both are great women of faith, strong women and wonderful mothers. We pray the same will be said of Helen Ann and that their legacy would live on in her.

Her first name “Helen”, is after one of our Great Heroes of the Faith, Dr. Helen Roseveare. We first heard Helen’s story when she spoke at our Campus Outreach New Year’s Conference in 1999, when we were both students. Helen, originally from Ireland, gave years of her life as a medical missionary in the Congo. She would forego a well paying career in medicine to spread the name of Jesus in a foreign country. She experienced much suffering as she ministered in the Congo. Helen was kidnapped, imprisoned, brutally tortured, yet remained…and years later returned to carry out the Gospel and medical work among these same people. Her most impactful words on us were:

The question is not, Was it worth it?
The question is, Is HE worthy?'
And I said, 'Of course you are, Lord. You are worthy.'”

This statement alone influenced us as students to want to give our lives to Kingdom things. And we pray this is true of Helen. That she will live her life for Jesus, saying “Yes, Lord, YOU are Worthy!” We pray that our Helen Ann would live a life of faith and worship that would declare the worth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you want to learn more about Helen Roseveare, here is a great clip from Noel Piper sharing about the impact Helen has had.on so many.

And a bio sketch

Also, if you really want to be hear more, below are the 2 talks from the 1999 conference where we first heard her speak!
Our whole family is adjusting well... though Carson seems to be taking the newest addition a little harder! But the kids both love Helen and they are going to be great brothers and sisters! My great hope and prayer is once we make it through these challenging "toddler years" having our children all so close together will reap so many rewards and we will see them become best of friends!

Well... sounds like some little llama is waking up..... Off to tend to the herd!


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  1. I love this so much. What a great story you can tell her many times over her life.


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