Saturday, March 7, 2009

Littlest Llama FINALLY arrived!!

We Joyfully Welcomed into the World

Baby Helen Ann

on Friday, March 6 at 3:06!

She weighed a lopping 9lbs! And was 21 inches long!

Mom and Baby are doing great. She came 6 days past due date.

To try and coax Helen along, I got some reflexology on Thursday afternoon. That night around 8:00 we had some minor contractions and thought Thursday was the night! However, the contractions stopped around 1:00am. We went in for a scheduled Dr appt Friday morning and I was 4cm dilated and contractions had picked up again. This time they were stronger, but still about 10 min apart.

We chose to go walk around and get a smoothie! We walked around, browsed some shops (unbeknownst to all around that we were in labor!) for about 2 hours. Around 12:00 we came home to labor some more...I tried to rest and get "some" sleep in between contractions.

Around 1:00 I called for David to come down and help me with contractions...they were getting harder and I needed my coach! It didn't take but 30 minutes and I was saying we needed to go to the hospital. We stayed for a few more contractions.... we wanted to make sure we didn't go too early! We decided to go on and got to the hospital at 2:00.

I was having very hard contractions, very close together. As we were admitted and signing papers, my water broke (like in the movies!) all over the admitting entry way and the chair I was sitting in! I knew then we were having a baby very soon and was just hoping it wasn't going to be in the waiting room!

(Thank goodness we hadn't waited another 10 minutes at home...or this would have been all over David's Car! That would have been fun)

They rushed me back to a delivery room.... my midwife came in and I was 9 1/2 centimeters dilated. She basically said "you just let me know when you are ready to push"

Needless to say, we were in shock! We waited about 20 minutes, then began pushing. About 17 minutes later, Helen was born at 3:07.

What a glorious moment! David Helped deliver her head, and was I able to pull her out on to my belly! We had an amazing delivery and such a sweet time bonding with her in those first moments! She is perfect in every way...that full head of dark hair, every fat roll, and both chubby cheeks...all 9lbs of her!

Thanks for sharing in our joy!
We Praise God for this Great Blessing he has given us!

I will post later about Helen's name and the meaning behind it.
Our pastor took this little video and jsut sent it to us--


  1. Baby Helen is so sweet! And you look great! Congrats!

  2. she is such a beautiful little chub :) I love love love the rolls! Congratulations!

  3. What an absolutely precious baby girl! You are so blessed to have such an amazing family!

  4. Congratulations! She is beautiful!

  5. She is so sweet congrats!!! Your birth story reminded me of ours with Sam. This time I will make sure I go early. I never want to have a 10 minute window between car and baby again!! I am glad you made it!!! Look forward to meeting Helen someday!
    love, Rachel


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